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Who saw this? I liked it a lot. It was the best sci-fi firm since inception. It was the first Gyllenhaal film I ever saw. While I don’t think he is a great actor in general, he was good in the film.

I think anyone who goes in expecting a sci-fi “Groundhog Day” will be pleasantly surprised at how good it is. I also think a lot of people will be put off by how just how much swearing’s in it. (I don’t recall that much swearing in the director’s first movie “Moon,” which was rated R. This one’s PG-13.)

Spoilers —

I thought the whole film was delightful, except perhaps the ending. Given that the captain was not totally brain dead, and had the capability of helping countless people, he effectively committed suicide in order to live in an alternate reality that doesn’t exist (hence, effectively skewing the moral weight of the question if this happened in real life).

Spoilers also:

The film was very well written. It did remind me of “Inception” I agree that the ending raised serious moral and ethical questions such as: Should we decide who should live or die? Do some circumstances justify euthanasia?

I don’t personally believe that our consciousness can somehow create a reality in and of itself. That would make us gods…hmm. The movie has a bit of a gnostic pride, in my opinion, to suggest that maybe the current “reality/realities” are a product of human imaginings.

The movie seems to suggest that after we pass on our energy signature remains behind like an afterglow of sorts. I don’t know if to call this energy signature a soul but the concepts introduced in the movie seem to indicate such.

I can’t help but notice how the quality of a person’s life takes priority over sanctity of life in contemporary films. It’s gotten progressively worse of over the years.

In this movie they made the director out to be the bad guy who was just using the subject to achieve his won objectives (which he was). In the same breath they pitch the US airforce lady as the one who somehow saved the day by giving him what he wanted…death. I find this logic of the new agers to be so contradictory and irrational:
Suicide is against the law, Murder is against the law. Yet both of these crimes are plainly on display in this movie and touted in society as merciful acts and a person’s right to choose in the casaes of euthanasia and suicide.

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