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Anyone see the new Star Trek movie yet?

Doesn’t Nero remind you of the madman scientist from the “Year of Hell” two-part episode of Star Trek: Voyager? His plan sounds remarkably similar.

Is the implication that through Nero polluting the timeline (causing the death of Jim Kirk’s father and destruction of Vulcan), the entire timeline of that started from Pike’s Enterprise in “The Cage” in Star Trek: The Original Series all the way through to “End Game” in Voyager (basically all of Star Trek history from The Original Series to Voyager) has been wiped clean? And the only history that exists now is from Zephram Cochrane to the events occurring in the new Star Trek movie?

Boy, you give away too much of the plot. You should have a spoiler alert attached. I don’t mind, because I just got back from seeing it.

Yes, I think it was a clever way to restart the saga and introduce it to the new generation.

I love the characters. Kirk was off from the original, but that is fine. He is a good character in his own right. The rest were dead on great.

Oh come on. I didn’t tell much.

No story. Just some general questions.

I just got back too.

I would say so.

And we can only hope that in this new timeline, Spock Prime will prevent the *Holodeck *from ever being invented! :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw it today in imax.i liked it. but kirk ended up being the punching bag.
it was cool to see all the new actors in their new roles.
worth the money and the time.:cool:
still trying to figure out ohura’s first name,:smiley:

One minor quibble…

So… young rebellious teenage Kirk steals a car that then goes and drives it off a cliff into a canyon. You know… that giant canyon in IOWA!!! :confused: :eek: :shrug:

I hope the original timeline wasn’t wiped COMPLETELY clean. Maybe do something along the lines of what DC and Marvel did with its Golden Age and Elseworlds storylines: that the original series all the way to Voyager canon be made into an alternate reality or Mirror universe.

When adventures start to repeat themselves in the future (as they surely will, referencing the original series and all that), they can be termed as “echoes of a dream, of forgotten friends and roads not taken”.

This is future Iowa. I don’t know how it is going to happen but my money is on global warming.

…Global warming which led to a melting of the ice caps, causing a giant glacier to slip and slide all the way down to Iowa, carving a canyon!

Maybe it was the Xindi weapon. I smell an opportunity for an Enterprise mini-series.

Or maybe something with Klingons in the Midwest during “Broken Bow.”

The there was World War III…could have been the crater from a nuclear explosion.

Yeah, this Midwesterner by birth laughed at that, too. Maybe it was a limestone quarry? Mining in the future may be very effective. . . . :wink:

Or a science experiment in Ames or Iowa City gone terribly, terribly, wrong . . . :eek:

Yeah, they tried to build a ship planetside instead of in space. :stuck_out_tongue:

One Star Trek episode, I think a TNG episode, compared time to a woven cloth. The point at which two threads meet represented decisions, events, etc that influence future events. Time continues on the same thread and on the thread that it met.

In the case of this movie, the event that resulted in the first scene, causes time to move onto the new thread while time continues on the original thread. Therefore, everything that happened in the TOS, TNG, DS9 and Voyager still happens.

Personally, I believe Star Trek Enterprise is on a time thread of it’s own. When the Borg ship crashes onto Earth in Star Trek First Contact time moved onto a new thread in addition to continuing on the original thread.

The following is a simplified view of the Star Trek time threads.

WWIII — Cochrane --------------- Elder Kirk Death — TOS — TNG, DS9 & Voyager
Star Trek Enterprise Star Trek 2009

It’s a term called “Retconning”, it occurs all the time in comic books and since “batman Begins” it’s become a popular way of rebooting film franchises too.

“Superman Returns”(retconned Superman 3 and 4 out of existence), “Casino Royale”, now “Star Trek” too.

Plus it provides the inevitable sequel “cross-dimentional” plot where the older version of the Hero meets the younger version… although that already appears to have happened in this Trek.

I saw the movie the other night and I must say I was suprised to see how good it was. I have always been a big star trek fan but never much for the original series. I don’t know just a bit to cheesy for me. (not that the rest of them were not) Anyway I was blown away. I loved the movie and hope they make more. And it was even better because it was fairly clean. At least more so than most movies that hit the big screen. And I kind of like the fact that at the end of the movie everything is different now I think that was kind of the point for the movie. Opening up a door to all new possibilities from the star trek universe.

I read somewhere that was talked about in the script but never filmed.

We saw it last night, as a matter of fact. I was prepared to find it a bit cheesy, and I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed it. It moved right along and the characters were great. And I enjoyed the giant canyon in Iowa. :smiley:

yeah it kinda remined me of that in a recent(2-3years ago) dr. who when he said time wasnt a line but more ‘wibbly wobbly timey wimey’

but yeah i liked the movie as a movie. as a fan i was a bit disappointed in the history changes-UNLESS they maybe do another movie or 2(assuming their good) with this crew.

and i have a question:SPOILER ALERT

am i the only one who thought they knew pike wouldnt die and would be rescued because i assumed there would be some sci-fi twist that would put them back to the original timeline at the end?

I believe the actors signed a three or four movie deal to do more if this one was successful.


am i the only one who thought they knew pike wouldnt die and would be rescued because i assumed there would be some sci-fi twist that would put them back to the original timeline at the end?

Did you notice he was in a wheelchair like TOS and was wearing an admiral’s uniform reminiscent of the uniforms in The Motion Picture?

I did…

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