MOVIES: "Superheros" - Absolutely Insulted by the movie

I took a 5,8 and 12 year old to see Superheros the Movie. I watched the trailers and found nothing objectionable. Got to the movie to see:

*]animals humping a student:blush:
*]pornographic snail who talked filth that would have been x-rated had it been spoken by a human:blush:
*]the Dlai Lama being disrobed publicly and without consideration of the dignaty of this religious leader:mad:
*]Pope Benedict being mocked for calling for peace before getting involved in a brawl:bigyikes:

I know what parody is. I can take a joke as well as the next guy. But this goes so far beyond that. :mad:

Next time go to before you see a movie. It has three categories it uses to rate a movie - sexual content, violence, and profanity. I have a very general rule I will go to about a 2 in sexual content, a 3 in violence although I did let my older kids see the first C.S. Lewis movie that had a 6 for violence, and a 3 for profanity. My kids are 12 and under. The superhero movie you mention had a 7, 6, and I think a 3. It also tells you exactly what happens in the movie, for example, “man hits woman over head”, “women wears low cut shirt”, etc. It’s quite helpful.

You can also go to and click on movies. They have reviews and ratings of most movies.

God Bless,

These kind of spoof movies are usually pretty gross and meant to offend people. I wouldn’t take a kid to any of them.

My kids are 9 and 12 and they have seen very few PG-13 movies. My 20 had to go through the same thing until she was “of age.” I guess I don’t understand why one would take young children to a movie that even Hollywood says is inappropriate.
Better luck next time.

They’re also usually terrible, since to parody something well, you have to actually get it, and then you’re much less likely to want to parody it.

I guess it’s rated PG-13 for a reason, huh?

Dude! Superheroes is by the SAME people who did Scary Movie. I’m pretty sure they say that in all their trailers. If you ever hear “From the creators of Scary movie” YEAH it’s gonna be bad.
It’s like if a movie came out that was from the same creators of American Pie. You’re gonna expect a common theme.

Not all parodies are bad. I like Mel Brook’s films and I liked Airplane.

My 8th Grader asked to see this film. If there was a PG rated version we’d go but I’ve just about had it with increasingly raunchy movies. Especially if they’re not even that funny.
I do admit to having enjoyed watching “Hot Fuzz.” It was so shamelessly silly. Guess the British just do it better.

Shaun of the Dead was put out by the same people and was good also. It is a spoof on zombie movies.

I liked that one, too. Gross & silly but funny. My son told me I would like it & I didn’t believe him til I saw it. For once he was right.
What I didn’t like recently were “Atonement” & “Love in the Time of Cholera”. Major dissapointments. Too bad. When the opening scene of a film features a bare breasted woman you know it’s only going to get worse.:blush:

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