MOVIES: The 13th Day

Has anyone else seen or heard of this. The trailer looks good.
Originally rumor was Mad Mel after the Passion had bought the rights to a book on Fatima (fiction), but this movie looks like it’s based on the real thing and is done up better than the last movie made on this, what 50 years ago?
No idea if comes out on DVD or theatres or whose backing it?
Any ideas?

From the web site it appears they are looking for a film distributor. So there’s clearly no release date yet(as you can’t release a movie without a distributor)…

The film looks really good, I hope that they find someone who can distribute this as I would really like to see it and buy the dvd.

The trailer looks good

I agree, the trailer looks great. I wonder if the cause for no distributor is for lack of an audience or if it’s Hollywood politics. The Passion clearly had and audience and Hollywood was clearly opposed to the movie being released.

They could look for a South European studio as Southern Europe is Catholic and thus there is likely to be much less trouble than there is in the USA

This looks wonderful. This is something worth praying for.

if this movie is based more on facts, will the “vision of Hell” be shown?

I enjoy the movie “The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima” and even my nieces enjoyed the movie when we watched it on DVD. However, it has SOME fiction in it so I would hope this new film will be more factual.

the trailer looks awesome. We must pray that they will find a distributor and we get to see this movie as a whole. I personally can’t wait.

The Passion benefited from the fact that Mel Gibson was behind its making. Someone who is a big Hollywood star. I pray that this new fatima movie will find a big name to sponsor it.

Of course there is the vision of hell, here is a still from the film website of the vision

A new movie about Fatima has premiered at the Cannes film festival though the producers apparently don’t have a US distributor for it yet.
Here’s the website where you can read about it & watch the trailer.

Too cool!

I wish they’d do a series of approved apparitions.

I really would like to see The Song of Bernadette re-told with modern technology.

Well, the original is excellent, though it might seem old-fashioned now. It would be hard to do a “modern” movie as good as the 1943 version.

Thanks so much for posting this!

The trailer is awesome.

My fav part is “based ona true story”! I can’t wait to take some of my non-catholic friends to it.

Looks like a good movie. I’m still attached sentimentally to the 1951 film MIRACLE OF OUR LADY OF FATIMA. The new one will probably be a little bit more authentic to the source.

I’m looking forward to seeing this.

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