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I’ve read a brief review of this film with George Clooney and I understand it addresses Catholicism and the Catholic priesthood.

Could someone who has seen this film, sketch more detail for us, as to where they went with this one, and tell us whether the portrayal was favourable or not.

…much appreciated!

Anything with Clooney in it is bound to have some leftist “perpective” on it.

Probably will be a “Catholic Bash.”

There IS a reason why he was one of the main bad guys in TEAM AMERICA. :stuck_out_tongue:

It speaks about the priest in this film.

I see, so basically a leftist Catholic Bash…sounds much like humdrum everyday media in my neck of the woods:p

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It speaks about the priest in this film.


Thank you Arkadin that review was very helpful.

Doesn't sound like many members were too interested in viewing this film, at least we have a review

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