[movies] "The Artist" - wow... just wow

Best movie of the year - better than “Hugo”, better than “The Help,” better than “Midnight in Paris.”

Who else has seen “The Artist” and can attest that it’s suitable for Catholic adults? (It’s ok for kids, too, but they’d probably be bored by it.)

Thumbs definitely up. :thumbsup:

I’ve been wanting to see it, now I want to see it even more! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll stand behind you on that-- I’d say it’s suitable for Catholic adults and my fourteen year old cousin absolutely adored it. Kids younger than that might not enjoy it as much, though (except for “Uggie” ;)).

So I’m all :thumbsup::thumbsup:, right there with you!

I saw it tonight with my mom. We both loved it! I agree though, most kids would most likely not enjoy it.

is that the black and white movie? saw the commercials for it so its really good eh?

Yes, it’s black and white. And silent. (No spoken dialogue.) And, unlike “The Grey,” no f-bombs, no violence, no suggestive content and no taking the Lord’s name in vain. It’s a quality, world class film. Yes, it’s very, very, VERY good.

Just saw a trailer for it and both my mother and I are intrigued by it. I’m a sucker for any new movies which were filmed to look like vintage movies from the pre-talkies era.

I saw it tonight – was pleasantly surprised to find it was playing here in Morgantown.

I agree with all the rave reviews in this thread. It is the best movie I have seen in a theater in quite some time.

I am puzzled how this film got a PG-13. If I was on the MPAA board, I would have voted for a plain PG.

While I liked the film (not so much the score, which I considered largely sub-par, along the line of too many silent scores used with dvd re-issues), if one’s concern is “suitable for Catholic adults”, I suppose that it is notable that it involves a man leaving his presumptive wife (or lover?); which might have seemed scandalous in the era it is set. There is also a little profanity (you have to read lips) near the beginning, and one of the characters flips off another.

Cute film. Glad it was made. Not as good as Hugo, imo. I’d certainly recommend it, though!

The PG-13 rating was apparently for a gesture used in the film.

You’re mis-remembering it a little bit I think … George Valentin, the main character, is kicked out of the house by his wife, because she thinks he’s having an affair when he’s actually not.

I LOVED this movie! So did my 16 year old daughter.

BANG! just about made my heart stop.

If haven’t seen it because it’s silent, maybe it’s just me but after a short time, I forgot it was silent. The story was told so perfectly without words. I was almost annoyed at the very end when I could hear people speak.

I love that movie. It’s one of the few films that I want to own on DVD (plus, I want to give support where it’s due).

I’m going to be seeing it again with some friends this week. It had left my local theater for a while, but after it won so many oscars it came back.

Just saw it on Saturday; thought it was very enjoyable, very well done.

I was a little uncomfortable though, this George Valentin clearly has some deep-seated issues which the movie would like to romanticize away. But that’s just my rational side coming out; really I enjoyed the movie.

I agree - but his life really did fall apart. I thought his biggest problem was pride, although a friend thought it was because of his accent - that was the reason he was so reluctant to do the talkies? Not sure…

but yeah, he was a mess for awhile there. Loved the ending… didn’t see that coming. Just goes to show, DANCE really can save your life. :wink:

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