MOVIES: The Blessed Child

Anyone see this movie? It has Jimmy Smit, Kimberly Basinger, and that one girl from Casper. Its about a little girl, who supposedly was born on a special day and had special healing power. Mother was a drug addict who lived with a man who was involved in the anti christ.

I thought the move was scary but I liked it.

I enjoyed the movie. I didn’t think it was scary, but it was an interesting twist on the whole “End of Days” craze we went through around that time…I think “Awwnald” had a movie at that time too…called “End of Days”…both to me were enjoyable sci-fi/fantasy.

“The Blessed Child” had a bit more of a “spiritual” bend than “End of Days”…I thought the man(angel) who pulled Ms. Bassinger off the bridge was a nice touch…as well as the "Mary Poppins’ character who held open the subway door with her umbrella.

When the little girl was “tempted” to throw herself off the roof and she held out her hand and told the leader of the cult…“After you.” was funny.

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