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Now I know that it seems Denzel seems to be protecting the Bible in this movie but the question is which Bible is it or is it another retarded hollywood surprise like maybe the book of dianetics?..LOL cause i know hollywood likes doing stupid things like that…

wow… no one ?.. :shrug:

The book of Eli? Eli Wallach??

If our only hope is Denzel, an actor (someone who reads words written by other people for our temporary entertainment & distraction from reality), then we are truly hopeless…

"And if you lend to those from whom you hope to receive, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners, to receive as much again." (Lk 6:34)

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I saw the preview for Book of Eli in the movie theatre but don’t really understand what the movie is about. Is the Book of Eli an actual book that didn’t make the Bible cut? If so, what’s it’s story about? Or is the movie intending that the Book of Eli holds some knowledge that could be used as a weapon, way to control the world, etc?

i think is “B”… to control the world but thats just my guess.:shrug:

from wiki:

In post-apocalyptic 2043, a lone hero, Eli (Denzel Washington), guards the Book of Eli (a Bible which, to his knowledge, is the last Bible in the world), which provides knowledge that could redeem society, and the source of all their pain. The despot (Gary Oldman) of a small makeshift town plans to take possession of the book.

So, still no definite idea as to whether or not its legit.

I’m going to make a guess. And I hope I’m wrong.

The plot and the advertising will somehow make the audience THINK the book is the Holy Bible as we know it. At the end, when the book is saved and once again available to all mankind, they find the book is a…

Science manual!:confused:

no, it’s a Bible.

i remember in the previews it was definately a Bible shown, and text from the Bible being read from and displayed.

i’d really like to see this… it’s not often Hollywood depicts the Bible as a precious, valuble, or worth-reading Book, or the Truths therein as redeeming.

Not sure if anyone noticed this on the trailers they’ve been showing for this mvie on tv. But I noticed tonight that before the movie title pops up the word ‘BELIEVE’ is shown, then some of the words fade away so you see the word ‘ELI’. Kind of interesting.

Let us hope so. Still, this is Hollywood and I’m naturally distrustful of it due to some really bad anti-faith movies.

I noticed something peculiar though in the movie’s premise at wikipedia.

“In post-apocalyptic 2043, a lone person, Eli (Denzel Washington), guards the Book of Eli (a Bible which, to his knowledge, is the last in the world), which provides knowledge that could redeem society, and the source of all their pain.”

What does that mean…“source of all their pain?” I really hope the movie’s plot doesn’t end up saying that the Bible caused whatever apocalyptic disaster happened before the events of the movie. Then somehow shifts to regurgitating the same old same old, Religion is the cause of evil in the world…yada yada yada…ugh.

Well, we’ll soon find out shall we,

i would expect that the “source of all their pain” means that the contents of the Bible will make sense of all the horror that has come about humanity in the last days, and contain the Answer (Christ) that can redeem us, and redeem us from the source of our pain (sin).

well, at least i hope so… i would like to watch it when it comes out, too.

finally another christian film the movie is about a man with the last surviving Bible is anyone looking forward to seeing this it seems like a good christian film.

It was more Christian then I expected despite the name and the “religion is power” billboard campaign. They did however leave an out scene at the end to belay claims that it was strickly Christian.

So far on the secular boards I’m a member of nobody has complaigned, but then again topics on the movie are not getting any hits. It seems as if the movie will not be a hit movie if you go by internet chatter as your guide.

This is an approximation of a movie review I heard on Ave Maria 990 Ypsilianti, MI:
broadcast either the afternoon of 1-15-2010 or 1-14-2010

Judging from other reviews, it seems to be a love-it or hate-it / divisive movie. With phrases like “absurd premise” or “preachy” appearing frequently; perhaps this may be challenging some people.

As to the violence, from the full explanation heard on the above station, rather than glorifying violence, the movie allegedly allows the audience to take in the full meaning of what was done. (thus de-glorifying it).

I am interested and hopeful to see how convincing/cogent the movies arguments come off. I pray this may be an effective tool for evangelization. All this aside we need more good examples of faith in practice. This movie pitting too “men of faith” helps us understand that to be a “man of faith” means more than being able to quote scripture.

I will need to watch the movie myself to provide recommendations as to a suitable audience.

Take heart, movies. media are tools. People in Hollywood (and at times and ways in my own life) have frequently made choices to reject God, and especially Christ. Learning to love fully and truthfully those that persecute us, the Church, and thus Jesus Christ… Is challenging.

Even so, let us rejoice in the way of the cross. For the sake of that Christian charity seek and present those premises which could make a movie such as this glorifying to God.
As we even learn in secular society, focusing on solutions vs blame solves problems.

Pax Christi

On a more literal level it is explained that this is the last surviving Bible because faith was blamed for the war, so people hunted down the Book.

I read something about nuclear war and they wanted to burn the Bible. If it’s at all Christian friendly, I want to see it. I just don’t want to waste my money on a movie where the lead actor is anti-Christian.

The lead actor is a born again Christian and long time member of the West Angeles Church of God In Christ under the COGICs Presiding Bishop Charles Blake.

I haven’t seen the movie - I was stating my opinion about movies in general. Given your info, it sounds likely that this will be a good movie.

The message is undeniably pro Christian, I am surprised the other side have not been complaining much. I am guessing the name and advertising kept them away in the first place. The way I see it there is only one scene that moderates the Christian message towards a more inclusive just God message and you have to be paying attention to notice it.

I have seen this and can definitely say it is an amazing film which is pro christian everyone should see this film!

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