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wow This film was amazing I highly recommend to all Christians although Hollywood is known to bring out a lot of anti christian films and ideas, this Film is not one of them this film is prochristian and has very nice action scenes and a great story! A++

At first I wasn’t interested on seeing it (the preview looked too much like Legion).
Then I heard an interview with Douglas Urbanski here in Catholic Answers Live:

And it stirred my curiosity. (I think he also helped produce “The blind side”).

The movie is fantastic. Is an intelligent christian video-game/magna post-apocalyptic story.
Lots of good actors and acting. Maybe editing was choppy once a while, but overall an A+.

Parents should screen it first because it does depicts a rather violent world. (Way worst than Mad Max 2). But I did appreciated that violence against women was implied, or waay in the background. No nudies or gratuitous explicit sex.

*** semi spoiler *** —> My only gripe is on the version of the bible. But I really loved the Victrola scene.

Definitely worth watching, and making it go viral :slight_smile:

USCCB review of the film, I haven’t really read it just skimmed it. Looks pretty encouraging

Great movie: the best (from a philosophical/religious/spiritual perspective) I’ve seen in 6 or 7 years.

definatly one of the better movies out this year! I recommend it for everyone!

Well certainly not everyone but most adults. The message of the film is positive and pro-Christian but the realistic violence and extremely rough language will put off many people of my generation (boomers).

Good to know, I’ve been woundering from the previews and ads, what the film was realy about.

Saw it yesterday! What a hoot and a holler! A truly entertaining film, IF Mad Max post-apocalyptic sleaze-ball world is your cup-o-tea. We do get a little rape, a little Texas-chainsaw-massacre, a little wild-mob-mayhem, and a LOT of logical and narrative discontinuities. But it is fun!
– At the very end, the exact version of the Bible is revealed as it is put on the shelf. Look closely at the title on the spine. It made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! Everything about the Bible is very much from a Protestant point of view, of course. But . . . the New Age modernists/universalists win out in the end, as of course, the bible is placed on the shelf between the Torah and the Koran. Again, cause for merriment. Hollywood film producers are SO transparent, such Johnny One-notes.
– Enjoy! — Rusty PS – definitely NOT a movie for children under the age of 21!!!

i really want to see it! sounds like an excellent movie, and a rare gem being pro-Christian.

my husband and i will probably wait till it comes to Red Box, though.

I didn’t like it.

I read the script a while back before the film was in production. It was a great decision to release it this year, considering how disaster/apocalyptic films are highly marketable right now.

I think thats because they are waiting for a Catholic movie to bash cause the Godless animals out there know who “the Church” is, Protestant films never get the same treatment as those of a Catholic nature.
look at how many tried to break the passion down :blush:

I loved the fact that it was a very entertaining and well-done movie that proclaimed and echoed the strength of God and his Word. However…

Did anyone notice how the bad guy, when explaining his desire for the book, said that he needed the book to control the people, and then something to the effect that it was done before, it can be done again. Who was he referring to when he said that it was done before?

And then, of course at the end, Eli exclaims that he has the King James Bible as he approaches the island (was that supposed to be Alcatraz?).

As much as I loved the overall message of the movie, I feel like divisive protestant propaganda was needlessly inserted. why couldnt Eli have stated that he had a bible period? Why did he have to say King James Version? Wouldn’t it have been better for the movie to end in a way that unites Christians, not divides them? :shrug:

Lisa Ann P

Yes it was “The Rock” Alcatraz where humanity’s arc/library was located. I noticed the NKJV was specifically mentioned too. At that point I was surprised that Washington and the Hughes Brothers did not back down. But latter after publication the Bible was set in a library of many books in between the Torah and Koran thus moderating the overall message. After which Solara went back out into the world as a walker, and perhaps as an apostle or prophet.

These are some of the reasons why I didn’t like it. It seems as though there has to be some kind of backhanded comment in there somewheres. And they put the bible in between the Torah and Koran, on a shelf, like it was any other book. After Eli spent 30 years and gave his life, eh, let’s just throw it on a shelf.

One redeeming thing I liked was that Eli said at the end he spent 30 years reading the book and wasn’t paying attention to what it said. I wish that had been expounded, it was a nice contrast to all the violence and killing.

Been reading some of the comments on this string about “Book of ELI.” It’s important to note that the whole premise of the story is NOT pro-Christian. It’s a “what-if-the-worst-happens” entertainment vehicle. The message of the film is most definitely anti-Christian in that the supposed Apocalypse transpires and yet the new heaven and the new earth do NOT appear. We just have more-of-the-same, human sin and misery – EXCEPT – on Alcatraz Island, where there is a remnant of devoted Humanists (not Christians!) striving to save and restore civilization.
– Please NOTE, that when they arrive on Alcatraz, they are NOT taken to see the Bishop!!! They are NOT invited to a celebration of the Mass!!! During the course of their travels and travails, they do NOT encounter a single solitary soul who owns (let alone recites!) the Rosary!!! Nowhere does the film explain that this is a post-apocalyptic America after ALL the ROMAN CATHOLICS (!!!) have been Raptured and removed from the earth – LOL.
– Of course, the entire enterprise is based on the very Protestant false premise that the Church and its teachings and practices come OUT of the Bible, rather than the historical reality (and true orthodox Catholic principle) that the Bible was compiled from and came “out of” the teachings and practices of the Church.
– Perhaps, instead of “Book of Eli” the film should have been called “Cart Before the Horse”! God’s richest blessings to you all! – Rusty

I just saw this movie. I just have to say that I loved it. Great movie overall.:thumbsup:

The Book of Eli is supposed to be much better (I haven’t seen it yet, though).

It was a King James, right? Not the most scholarly of translations, but it’s not that bad. The whole thing would be there.

yup KJV

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