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Hey all! I am not sure if this is where this thread belongs so forgive me…I know you will:D.

Anyway, I was just wondering what the general Catholic opinion on the movie The Boondock Saints was. I noticed a lot of people were complimenting me on my username and saying how awesome the movie was, but this took me by surprise. While the main characters in the movie appear to practice Catholicism, the excessive violence and use of the f word made me think general opinion would be negative.

So, what do you think? Have you even seen the movie? What is your opinion on killing bad men for the greater good? Or do you think that is absurd since killing is never for the greater good?

I love the movie.

Now, I myself try to behave as a lady should and never use vulgar language. That said, vulgar language is not the same as profanity. The “f-word” is vulgar, but it is not profane. It is not the misuse of God’s Holy Name.

I admit I admire vigilantism because our society is so far gone. It is the same impulse which causes me to admire Robin Hood. :o

In real life, this would be a dangerous thing to do, dangerous for one’s own soul. I still like it in the story, though. :thumbsup:

Haha, I could tell you really really love that movie, don’t you?

Eh, it was an ALRIGHT movie. Didn’t really make a lasting impression…kinda boring in some parts. Don’t really know what all the hype is about.

Definitely deserves its cult classic title.

The movie sucks.

It’s good, in that I’ll watch it if nothing else is on.

I think it is over-hyped, and the fan base that loves it too much, especially for reasons that are immaterial to the movie (I know one “conservative” [as opposed to traditional, or liberal] Catholic who loves the movie, after having seen it one time, solely because the characters are Irish, and Catholic).

I do disagree with the violence and the swearing.

Opinion to your questions:
First, killing can be for the greater good. That is why the Church does not prohibit the death penalty as always immoral. It is a legitimate option for the State.

As to killing bad men for the greater good…
It depends on the means.
Recall, the means must always be justified. The ends do not justify the means.

Sucks what?

This Isn’t a movie about St. Bubba and St. Billy Ray Joe Bob is it.:stuck_out_tongue:

you know…

I love Boondock Saints!

I’m Catholic and I love it because of the Catholicness of it lol.

But mostly I love it because, it’s kool, the two brothers are hot, and it’s funny…plus the action is good…and the relationship between the brothers is funny…

I don’t mind the violence or the language…there is too much language, but oh well…doesn’t bother me that much…and the violence is not bad. I love the part where he lifts the toilet and hurls it on that mob guy’s head. Great stuff.

Also, it does NOT suck.


What exactly is the “Catholicness” of it?

A thumb? Well, you’re not gonna do much damage with that, are you? Maybe it should have been the “rule of wrist.”

Well I said ‘catholicness’ as a joke. The brothers are Catholic, they pray the rosary etc.

Honestly? It’s ok, but you have to be careful who you let see the film. It’s got excessive amounts of violence, which is practically glorified, and to me, that’s as bad as sex. These two brothers decide to flout God’s word, and start judging people themselves,a nd killing them in orgies of blood. Disregarding their prayers before each killing spree, how can this be termed Christian? I certainly would not let any teenagers see this movie - even tho’ it seems they are the most avid fans.

Sean Patrick Flannery is gorgeous, tho’ :wink:

Has anyone see the movie “the boondock saints”? The original or the second one? Is it pretty anti-catholic or ??? Was just curious about it because i have heard mixed reviews…


It’s not anti-Catholic movie, it just sends mixed messages. The protagonists are portrayed as earnest in their faith, but at the same time they do a lot of un-Christian things. The movie kind of glorifies them for both, because if they had to be penitent for their doings I’m sure the secular audience wouldn’t enjoy it nearly as much.

Well put Havard…

The scene where the brothers receive their “call” is rather beautiful…they both seem to be lifted half out of bed in the middle of the night in a sort of spiritual ecstacy…only problem is that their call is a very Batman-esque “rid the world of the scum of the streets” vigilantism. I don’t seem to remember Jesus giving the thumbs up on that one :rolleyes:

Certainly not for the faint of heart…it is SUPER violent and the language…my goodness…but I wouldn’t consider it “anti-Catholic” either…simply somewhat misleading

I just think its kind of cool that my dad looks totally like Il Duce…what can I say, I’m easily amused :smiley:

Netflix “Overnight,” which is a documentary about the making of “Boondock Saints” and what a pompous, arrogant jerk the director is and how he blacklisted himself from ever working in Hollywood again because of his childish antics.

(It’s like the equivalent of an unsigned band who sort-of gets a deal and an advance from the record label, only for the record to tank, but they’ve already spent all the money and can’t pay it back: same sort of thing happened with the making of “Boondock Saints.”)

Someone posted a preview of “Overnight” here:

Boondock Saints is really cool actually, very fun movie. Finally a movie that makes us Catholics the badasses!

This is a very fair review. I think it’s a very entertaining movie. It isn’t anti-Catholic per say. I honestly don’t think anyone in his right mind would think that the Catholic Church would actually condone the actions in the movie. It isn’t for the faint of heart for sure.

There’s a scene in the film where the titular saints’ Italian cohort forces a priest in a confessional at gunpoint to tell the FBI agent who is investigating them that their actions are allowed by God. So, the last person was right that the Church would never condone such behavior in real life. This movie confused me though. I have a very devout friend who is a fan of the films. Usually in regards to the morality of a film, I turn to the USCCB film reviews or Bill Donohue of the Catholic League’s daily press releases. Donohue never condemned the second film when it came out, but the first film appears in 2000’s report on anti-catholicism on the website. The USCCB didn’t help either because the film review board never reviewed the film. So I don’t know.

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