MOVIES: The boy in the striped pajamas

i just found this on the catholic exchange website.
sounds like a very heart-wrenching movie.

I’ve seen a lot of ads for it, hope it does well. Looks wildly depressing, though…

I believe that is the name of the new movie, based on the novel, about a Nazi man whose son secretly befriends a Jewish boy, who is in a concentration camp, operated by his dad.

Anyone see this? Do you think my 12 and 16 year old kids would like this film? We have watched Schindler’s List, and The Pianist together. My son moreso than my daughter, has learned about the holocaust in school, and this could be a good addition to their studies.

Curious if anyone has comments on it? Thanks!:slight_smile:

the book was good, I dont know if that helps or not.

I was actually thinking of reading it and having my kids do so. I read a few of the reviews just now, and I think it sounds good. Thank you for the link.

Man. This movie is heart-wrenching.

I just got back from seeing it and I am still crying a little bit. I personally wouldn’t let my kids go see it, but I’m sure it depends on what they can handle. I shouldn’t have gone to go see it for sure, and I’m in my mid-20’s.

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