MOVIES: "The Departed" was it?

I am fan of the movie Infernal Affairs, which was later remade by Martin Scorcese under the name The Departed.

I plan on rewatching Infernal Affairs tonight, and I considered possibly watching The Departed to get an idea on how the remake compares with the original.

I just wanted to get people’s opinions on The Departed, specifically in regards to the moral nature of the movie. I don’t have too much trouble with violence and bad language, but I do struggle with chastity and should avoid strong sexual content.

How do you think this movie would fare for me?

Pax Tecum.

Well it’s Scorsese so…it’s very, very violent & the language is as crass as possible.

But it’s also extremely well made with great actors in interesting roles. The plot is so intricate that, frankly, I need to watch it again to make sure I have it all figured out.

If the cruder aspects of modern movies don’t bother you then I’d recommend it.

I was considering looking past those things and watching it anyway.

I liked it and would watch it again and again… I also love movies like this.

I happened to watch this just the other night as it was in my netflix queue and I really enjoyed it. I thought it was well done and yes, the language is bad and it’s violent, but the movie was good. There was a lot to keep track of, though!

Great Movie, Great Cast! My wife was also an extra. I like how they made Jack Nicholson alot like Whitey Bulger, or they made it seem that way. Also good music by the local irish punk band The Dropkick Murphys

The Departed, while it uses the same plot, is given a superb hollywood treatment with a fantastic dream cast and crew. It’s simply more slick a production than the original, with less nuts and bolts, especially in the editing of the film.

The Spiritualized aspect of the film is changed to Catholocism rather than the original’s Ancestor religion, which I thought was an interesting adaptation for western Audiences. However, word of warning, there is an exceptionally uncomfortable scene with Jack Nicholson in a Cafe talking crudly to a priest.

Leo puts in one of his best performances, and Matt Damon as his corrupt friend is also great. Nicholson is as very intense but I think the acting suprise of the film is Alec Baldwin who puts on a great performance as Damon’s superior officer, while Martin Sheen, who plays the role of Leo’s handler, was robbed of a best supporting actor Oscar.

The only misstep to me was Mark Walberg, who wasn’t convincing as Sheen’s second in command.

Awful. I watched 15 minutes and couldn’t continue.

I should have Departed the movie theater.

I hated it. I would have walked out but we were with another couple, so I literally spent most of the movie with my eyes and ears covered, humming softly to myself (bizarre I know but we didn’t know the other couple well so I didn’t want to insult them).:eek:

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