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Has anyone seen the previews for that movie The Devil Inside? It’s about exorcisms? In the previews it mentions the Catholic Church. Here is a link to the preview. What are your thoughts?

Other than I now have the INXS song stuck in head, my thought is this isn’t going to be very good. I’ll check it out free on cable tv next year. I hope it’s good. We just have a lack of good exorcism films.

Thanks for posing the trailer. I’ll be interested in others’ comments. :slight_smile:

I personally do not believe anything about this movie is real. I believe that they have not one shred of documentation to prove this really happened. I get a big charge how they find a supposed “real” exorcist and then evil in the end still prevails. The people filming this movie are just a bunch of New-Age mentality fools that have nothing better to do than to make fun of something so serious. I pray for their conversion and their true belief in the Gospel of Jesus Christ the King of endless glory!:thumbsup: As for my family and I, we will not be wasting our time to view some punk dressed as a priest thinking he knows what a true exorcism is all about. I pray our God does not punish him by allowing Satan to possess and destroy their lives


Wow, they are spending time and effort putting the Trailers on TV for this movie . Now, I won’t be surprised if it does not provide any truth in the matter. We have the Rite, which is based on the real Story of Father Gary Thomas, which was entertaining and informative.

I see this one coming as only abusing the curiosity or Morbidity of those who feel attracted to demonic themes and that it could boost it up also.

The problem I see is that it can give the impression that the evil one power is stronger than God’s power (Which is False). But I guess showing that wouldn’t produce a money making film.

It is very difficult to make a good exorcism film, because it is hard to accurately portray one. The actor may over act, or the film may be too fake. The Rite, was a boring film from what I saw of it. Legion, in the exorcist series was actually good. I’m referring to the original series. The Devil inside looks amateurish.

It looks poorly done to me, more like a blare witch project version of an exorcism movie.

One thing that stuck out at me was the text in the trailer saying the Vatican does not allow the filming of Exorcism, when in fact the Church mandates audio and/or video recording of exorcism in all practical cases I believe.

This is an interesting fact. I hope these recordings are kept in a safe place. I think if a video of an exorcism was released it could prove the existence of God. This is probably done in order to show Priests what to expect.

I saw “The Last Exorcism” today and didn’t like the film. It was very mediocre. it wasn’t boring, just not my favorite.

Looks boring to me. I can’t see the Vatican actually allowing a true exorcism to be filmed first off, so this part is false.
The 911 call I have a gut feeling is false, and if not, if it did happen, someone heard it from some file and decided, what a spooky way to start a movie.

“Based on,” does not mean the movie is true nor honest. It is Hollywood, afterall. What difference does it make?

I don’t mind exorcism films or books (I just finished reading the original Exorcist) but I can’t STAND it when hollywood tries to make it look like the Catholic Church is hiding something or at fault for something. It just seems like another jab at the church. I will not be giving a dime to this filth.

I think this is going to fall right into the realsm of most other “Catholic” inspired entertainment. It will include some realities, some complete falsities, some dramatizations, and everything in between.

What I can’t personally decide on is whether I support these types of things or not. For those that know better, it really is a non issue. However, for those that do not, it seems to get combined with the “facts” in their head and they can’t seperate the entertainment from reality. I think these things tend to shape people, and more often than not, not in a positive way.

What do you guys think?

I completely agree here.
I know a number of people who come to see these movies not because they are interested in God or Jesus. It is not the focus of these movies. People go because they want to be scared or entertained. But also with the involvement of the church in the movie, the story line does little more than just associate the church but there is no redeeming quality that would lead someone to Christ.

And whats more I havent seen too many other denominations associated in exorcist HORROR movies besides the catholic church. Which is also something else to take into consideration. Correct me if someone has seen a movie that involved another church?

I can’t find anything on line telling the true story of this film which leads me to believe it’s not true.

I’ve read the real story behind the Excorsist movie which was good and put the Church in a great light.

Even The Rite was based on a true story.

If anyone can find the story this is based on I would appreicate a link.

Yea but then you would have all types of questions arise ! For instance, people would ask how do we know this is the devil ? If the devil is so smart and cunning why would he take over someone and announce who he is, expecialy since he is the king of lies? Why does he put all his eggs in one basket when he can simply take one over go out And deceive many more and take over more people by acting smart and cunning through this individual instead of being reclusive and making the person seem gross, that’s not to smart so if he is smart and cunning this can’t be him? Then you would get, how do we know we are not being deceived and this isn’t some entity possing as the devil to make him look bad? All kinds of questions would pop up, see what I mean? Also the Antichrist is suppose to deceive the world and I hardly think that possible by acting out like Satan is shown to act while taking people over so are we saying his son is smarter than him? Then you would get , what god was Satan before this named appeared by the Hebrews and when they found out people had better hope he wasn’t some human friendly God like Enki. See how this could open up doors for disaster?

A couple friends and I are going to see thsi movie tonight actually, we are wondering if it is a sin to see us. What could happen if we see it?

:yawn: Don’t waste your money.

As a Catholic, I don’t think it’s healthy to invite this sort of stuff into your life. Even if you’re just watching it for a good scare. I used to watch films like this all the time but since getting married and growing up a little, watching these films now leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Why glorify evil? That’s pretty much what it’s doing–bring a huge amount of attention to something evil and turning it into entertainment. Save your money, as the other poster recommended, or see something with a bit more value (though that’s hard these days too)

It’s currently scoring a whopping 8% over at Rotten Tomatoes – i.e., only 8% of the nation’s critics gave it a favorable review. Taking into account “The January Rule” (Only The Worst Movies Get Released in January), this one looks like a real stinker.

This doesn’t look like a quality film. I’d stay away. It looks poorly made, and I don’t believe that a possessed person can kill somebody. God wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen in my view. Films that explore exorcism should do so in a way that is accurate.

Disappointed and offended by the obviousness attacks on the Catholic Church as well as misrepresenting of our beliefs about Baptism ie the flat out lie that Catholics believe unbaptized babies who die go to hell as that the Church is a hypocrite and can not be trusted because it does nothing but cover up the truth. Save your money and see something else…

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