MOVIES: The Final Inquiry

Has anyone seen this movie “The Final Inquiry”? It is about a Roman soldier looking to find Jesus and if He is really dead. I saw a little bit while using the elliptical at the gym. I would like to rent it if it’s not heretical.
The same actor plays Pontius Pilate as “The Passion of the Christ” which is what 1st caught my eye.

It sounds interesting.

Here is a link to it on IMDB


Coincidently, the best line in The Passion of the Christ is by that actor; "Veritas. Quid est veritas?"

hey, that’s my handle!

Interestingly enough the movie ran tonight on TBN I just happened on to it about 10 minutes in. It was decent. Worth watching once anyway. I saw nothing “heretical” in it.

According to their website HERE, it is scheduled to run again on Saturday. Be careful on the time though. The website had it listed at 5:30 PDT today but it actually ran from 6:30 to 8:30 here (EDT).


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