MOVIES: The Fountain

Any thoughts on this one? :slight_smile:

It was on today-

I thought the portrayal of the inquisition was a little over the top.
Interesting plot though

I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I tend to like really out there, intelligent, slightly pretentious movies. I also thought that the visuals were wonderful, and the acting was good. Therefore the movie should have been right up my alley.

But for some reason I did have a bit of trouble really connecting to it. I think that in Aronofsky’s attempt to blend the 3 timelines together intelligently, the movie got a little muddled. While it’s obvious that the timelines share common characteristics in themes and characters, it felt a bit forced at times. As if Aronofsky was trying too hard to be intelligent.

Overall though I would say I am very glad that a movie like that was able to actually get a widespread distribution because intelligent and philosophical movies are rarely every shown in most theaters in the U.S.

johngh, I agree–I like movies “like that” and enjoyed watching it, though it did get a little muddled and tedious watching the flashbacks and repeating themes.

Did you get a sense that they were trying to draw a parallel between the tree and the Eucharist, by showing the Monstrance over and over and then showing Hugh Jackman’s future Tom character eating the tree bark…? In a way I liked that but also thought they should be more careful with those kinds of images, to not offend (not that they care!)

I’m undecided about movies that are left to the viewer to interpret. Maybe the writer is being all deep and intelligent, maybe it’s just laziness and they want you to think there’s more to it than there actually is!

I also didn’t like that “the Franciscan” turned his back on true immortality through the Church, and the Eucharist, to look for physical immortality. It reminded me of St Francis praising the Creator for “our sister bodily death”…

Just some of my rambling thoughts. I’m glad I watched the movie but still can’t bring myself to recommend it to anyone.

I liked it, but then I like movies with a lot of layers that leave you wondering.

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