MOVIES: The Hurt Locker

It’s a war thriller. Basically, it’s not so much about the plot but about the authenticity of being in a war. As the director said, “You’re going to feel like you’re in a war.” There’s a big ad for the movie on Youtube which includes such thrilling quotes as “A Near Perfect Movie” by Time and “The Best Movie I’ve Seen This Year” by some user on MSN Movies.

Color me crazy yellow, but shouldn’t movies be about plot and characters, quotes and themes, action and events? I know authenticity is great when it comes to war movies, but just basing a whole movie on the authenticity of a war? That’s just like what happened to Passion of the Christ, and to Titanic, and to All Quiet On The Western Front, and to a bunch of other films that were praised for being historic or authentic. And guess what happened to them? They’ve been forgotten. Oh sure they were great for a while, but now they’ve gone into obscurity.

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