MOVIES: The Invention of Lying

I just saw the movie "The-invention-of-Lying"

The movie was somewhat slow and predictable. The movie tried to have a message of "do the right thing for the right reason" but I found it very Anti-Christian. God is just a lie to make people sleep better at night and find a meaning for life.

Am I missing the point of the movie or was I just not paying attention.

I was reading a book through most of the movie.

Any thoughts?

Answered my own Question

The film contains pervasive blasphemy, some sexual humor and references, and a few rough and crude terms. The USCCB Office for Film & Broadcasting classification is O—morally offensive. The Motion Picture Association of America rating is PG-13— parents strongly cautioned. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.

Best to skip this dud!

I saw it a couple weeks ago with some frinds. I’m not usually the type to be offene when I see someone denouncing Christianity in fiction, because I often feel it’s just reflecting a true to life attitude many people have. But this is one movie that truly made me uneasy towards the end.

If they had ended it with a more spiritually positive conclusion, you know, “Maybe it wasn’t a lie afterall” sort of thing, I might have recieved it better.

Glad to see it was not just me. The movie just seemed to try to go over the top.

Let me put it this way- one of my friends is only a casually religious, highly libeal protestant, and even SHE was offended by the movie. We’re the sort where we’ll usually not get our knockers in a knot over something that isn’t morally pefect, but we both decided we didn’t want to view this movie again.

I saw this movie about three weeks ago and unfortunately paid $5 for it (ordered it on demand). When I first saw the previews for it I actually thought it looked like a really cute, quirky romantic comedy with a twist. I NEVER, EVER thought it would be an intense attack on Christianity in particular, religion and God in general. I was really disgusted. Ricky Geravis (sp?) has the right to make those kinds of movies and while I don’t encourage it I tolerate it because I believe in freedom of religion (or lack thereof) and freedom of speech, however I think it was a very deceptive thing trying to play that movie off with previews that it was some lighthearted romantic comedy when it certainly was anything but. I mean I know all previews misrespresent movies in one way or another, but honestly the previews for The Invention of Lying were just ridiculously misleading. :mad:

It started out good, but then got really offensive. And I'm not one who offends easily. Blech!

I rented it....I wasn't offended....I was bored to the point I turned it off after the first hour.

I rented it....I wasn't offended....I was bored to the point I turned it off after the first hour.

You are better off for it.

I am quite liberal when it comes to Christianity…to the point of me practically not being a Christian, and this movie was extremely offensive. I had no idea that it was going to be so anti-Christianity. Movies like Dogma didn’t offend me at all, but they weren’t attacking Christianity like this. When Ricky Gervais was portrayed in a way to make him look like Jesus my stomach dropped and I wanted to turn the movie off…before that I was some what OK with the jabs it was taking at Christianity, but that took it way too far. I was a huge fan of Ricky Gervais before this and now I barely even want to watch the office anymore.

Well its the second hour that gets offensive.

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