MOVIES: "The Kids Are All Right" (spoiler)

Has anyone else seen this movie? A lesbian couple’s kids seek out their biological father, who turns out to be a…well, let’s just say that a lot of gays really don’t like this movie at all. They are very, very ticked off at this movie because of the plot twist. I thought it was more about what a jerk he was and less about one of the lesbians wanting to “switch teams.” Or, am I missing something? :confused:

I think the bigger issues involved the attempt to encourage the son to be gay. The bigger plot was sex does not matter…oh what may be it does.

I hardly think he was being “encouraged” to be gay. The joke was when he said, “Wait…you mean you think I’m gay?,” and then they were humiliated for even thinking such a thing. The bigger plot was that the guy interjected himself into their lives and messed things up.

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