MOVIES: The Last Exorcism

Is anybody going to see this? I won’t probably untill it comes out on TV. I like scary films a lot, but this one looks to scary even for me. I’m not one who is scared of devils and ghosts because I believe in God, but this looks like it would give me the creeps.

I do think that exorcisms are real, so that is what scares me about it.

I LOVE exorcism movies!!! The Lord Jesus always wins (which He does outside the movies, too)!

The only thing is that it isn’t a Catholic exorcism in the film from what I’ve seen in trailers, so it will be interesting to see. Though I should see the original The Exorcist first.

Scary Movie 2 had a scene showing an exorcism. It was pretty good.

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Re: MOVIES: The Last Exorcism

The only thing is that it isn’t a Catholic exorcism in the film from what I’ve seen in trailers, so it will be interesting to see. Though I should see the original The Exorcist first.

I agree! You got to have a Catholic Priest doing the exorcism or it just isn’t the same. I would have loved to see the movie but probably won’t because of that fact.

When I first saw the trailer I turned to my brother and I said to my brother, “It’s his last exorcism because it wasn’t Catholic. If he were Catholic, he’d probably still be alive.”

I just thought it was weird. Catholics have a monopoly on horror films. Practically every horror film I’ve seen (mind you, I haven’t seen many) that have something religious, it’s Catholic, a priest, a crucifix, a statue. So I’m not used to seeing a Protestant in this genre. I guess I’m just so used to having Catholics in these films it’s strange to see anything else.

I’d like to see it.

My favorite exorcism movies are The Exorcism of Emily Rose and The Exorcist: The Beginning :slight_smile:

My favorite exorcism gone wrong is actually in an episode of Angel, the Buffy spin off, where Wesley Wyndam-Pryce starts an exorcism because the Priest died…naturally, it doesn’t go very well! Still funny though (kid was evil, not the demon…the demon just wanted to get out of the body he has possessed!)

skip the hollywood stuff, read Malachi Martin’s* Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans *

I read it last year, I’m still trying to figure out what to even make of it

It’s called The Last Exorcism because he is a con man who convinces people they are possesed and he performs “exorcisms”. He plans to get out of the business and expose the racket by having a documentary team film his last exorcism which apparently turns out to be a real case of demonic possesion.

What suprised me(and apparently the film makers) is that it got a PG 13 rating.

I plan on seeing it.

Alright, that’s a pretty good idea for a movie.

Two words: Eli Roth (of “Hostel” torture-porn infamy.) I’m pretty sure he didn’t sign on as a producer for the movie’s theological accuracy. :frowning:

Yup, yup, yup. I’m not going near it, I don’t want to think about, hear about it, nope! I don’t like that man, I don’t like the way his mind works.

Kind of a shame, though. The premis mentioned by KevinAK sounds pretty interesting, with lots of room for a positive message. Still, not even tempted. :nope:

Saw it.

It’s supposed to be like watching a documentary; obviously, it’s all fake, but that’s the style of the movie. It makes things more frightening!

It’s sort of weird. At first I was like, Ah…it should be a Catholic priest. But then you realize it’s a GOOD thing that a Catholic priest isn’t the exorcist, for the guy is a fake. He’s an Evangelical minister who doesn’t believe that demons exists, and he goes so far to fake his own exorcisms (he puts this smoke device in a crucifix to make it look like it’s burning; he has sound machines; etc…)

In the movie, you aren’t quite sure if the main girl is really possessed or not. Towards the end, I was thinking that the message of the movie was that exorcisms are fake and harm people.


BUT she really is possessed. This is only fully realized at the end of the movie.
The end of the movie is AWFUL. A bunch of Satan worshippers (whose leader is the pastor of a church who the possessed girl’s family used to go to) tie up the girl…And the baby she has is half demon. You don’t actually see the thing, but it is thrown into a huge fire.

And suddenly the fire explodes; a demon is supposed to be in it. This part of the movie ruins the whole thing. It gets sooo cheesy at this point. A demon baby? Really? When will we have an at least quasi-realistic exorcist movie?

The film crew along with the minister end up dying.

The worst part of the movie (to me) was the part when the possessed girl kills a cat. It is a very strange part; she takes the camera with her and you see a bunch of blood going everywhere, with the cat making noises. :frowning: :frowning: It’s gross.

I have to say that I HATE scary movies. But this wasn’t THAT scary.

I always make the joke to my Protestant friends that believe what they want when someone gets possessed who do they call? A CATHOLIC PRIEST. (And they all intrestingly agree)

I was planning to see this movie because I really liked Exorcism of Emily Rose, but after reading the above and reading the synopsis I have lost interest.

For what it was I really enjoyed the movie (It exceeded my low expectations).

<<Spoilers - elaborating the previous synopsis>>

It shows everything from the perspective of the camera, as though the camera were recovered after the fact. The whole movie I was shouting in my head, “Call child services, the police-anyone to intervene in this madness!”.

Whether the baby was supposed to be a demon or not I couldn’t really tell, but it reminded me of the goat that with the “human” face that a bunch of villagers burned out of fear in the Ukraine I think. I tended to assume it was a real baby, which made the pastor throwing it in the fire all the more awful! To make this interpretation work, possibly the pastor raped the girl leading to the destruction of the “demon” child being a cover up…certainly Satan would have been working among them even if the “demon” possessing the girl was a mental illness.

If you liked Exorcism of Emily Rose you might to check this out:

I saw this movie a couple nights ago. Hated it. There were a couple moments that made me jump, but it wasn’t scary.

Plus, I am a cat-lover :mad:

ETA: I did enjoy the “Banana Bread Sermon” :rotfl:

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