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I recently came across an indie film called “The Ledge,” which I would recommend to all people on this forum. If anyone else has heard of it or seen it, please chime in.

The Ledge follows three characters, amid a suspenseful love triangle (Liv Tyler, Charlie Hunnam, and Patrick Wilson). Catastrophe hits, when Joe (Wilson) finds out his wife (Tyler) is having an extramarital affair with Gavin. I don’t want to reveal too much, but I can tell you that Gavin ultimately finds himself in dire circumstances, where he must address how much he is willing to sacrifice for his newfound lover.

The film addresses a conflict between faith and atheism on a very personal level. Both of the men are troubled by tragic experiences in their lives. Ultimately, those circumstances push them to opposite sides of the religious spectrum, i.e. one becomes faithful and the other an atheist. While both of them are coming to terms with their own personal philosophies, this affair happens and pushes them to the mental brink. I read an interview with the director himself, Matthew Chapman who sums it up very nicely:

In a way, the central question of the movie is, “What would you die for and why?” As an atheist with no belief in an afterlife, will Charlie Hunnam’s character have the courage to sacrifice himself for another? I hope this question and the conflict around it will make people who might not ordinarily think about belief and non-belief give it some thought.

My one qualm about the film - while it addresses an important issue of spousal abuse, it definitely paints a negative picture of the Joe (the man of faith). I most certainly agree that ignorant religious zealotry can lead to violence, I think it’s also important to keep in mind that there are millions of happy intelligent people of faith in strong long-lasting relationships (with each other and God). That said, the film would be much less suspenseful if they showed a happy marriage.

Long story short, I think everyone should check out this film. It certainly got my philosophical wheels turning. I’d love to hear what ya’ll think after watching it. Fyi, I caught a sneak preview of the film on this site “SundanceNOW.” They’re previewing the film to all members for the next week. Registration is free.

And if you don’t catch it there, here’s the release schedule:

Nationwide on Demand: May 25th
In Theaters: July 8th

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