MOVIES: "The Miracle At St. Anna"

**I just watched the movie called “The Miracle Of Saint Anna’s” and I am deeply horrified and saddened about what occurred. I feel so angry toward those Nazi soldiers who have no regard for human life whatsoever. The entire movie was very well done by Spike Lee, thoroughly Catholic and a true story.
My heart bleeds for the black Buffalo soldiers who went in to fight for our country, all devout Catholics and who in my opinion are true heroes. When those Germans massacred those hundreds of people in front of St. Anna’s, I wanted to just cry out beyond belief.
Please watch this movie but be sure you bring plenty of tissue.
My Lord Jesus, the suffering that occurs in this life is unconscienable. Catholics have always been persecuted, as of the Jews that I almost feel what they went through was unimaginable.

My heart bleeds tonight. I need to pray. **

I just finished watching “Miracle At St. Anne’s” and am beside myself. These black soldiers in the 92nd Infantry Buffalo’s were devout Catholics, and who had to fight the Nazi’s on their own. The massacre at St. Anne’s was unconcionable and I am completely beside myself and saddened at this. Although something good came out of it, I truly cried my eyes out at this movie, so if you plan on watching it, take lots of tissues.
These Catholic black soldiers had so much faith they wore Rosarys around their necks.
Being an Italian Catholic myself, it sort of hit a sore spot that these Nazi’s were truly ruthless and had no remorse at killing these people at church. Great and true movie. But real sad.:frowning:

…the saddest truth? We are still killing innocents today… the only one’s than win these wars are the undertakers…:cool:

That massacre is truly a horrific event.

The massacre of over 1 billion babies, legally, by their own mothers and fathers, through abortion is the MODERN HOLOCAUST!

We are all as guilty as the Nazi’s if we don’t do something!!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


Let’s not get off the beaten path here, the Nazi’s massacred hundreds of Catholics at their church. Let’s keep it at that. This thread is about African American Catholics. And the Miracle that occurred there.

How are we getting off the beaten path? It’s the same exact beaten path, the path of lies and cowardice that allows massacres like this to occur!

I said “That massacre is truly a horrific event.”

I was in no way demeaning the African American Catholics, just the opposite.

I was hoping to use their massacre as a reminder of the current day massacre of abortion and the fact that we need to take action to stop further massacres in honor of all those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the past!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


OP, where did you see the movie? Is it out in “regular” movie theatres? I’d like to see

I pay per viewed it on my cable television. I kind of liked how Spike Lee made it and he isn’t Catholic. But it was what it was.

Just don’t want to talk abortion at this point. It is about the movie. The killing of Catholics by Nazi soldiers. And the devout black Catholics who risked their lives for this country.

I have heard that the movie was very good and want to see it also.:slight_smile:

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