MOVIES: Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland"

I saw it yesterday in 3D. It’s visually beautiful and an interesting exercise in special effects, but I was left sort of underwhelmed. The plot was like “Alice in Wonderland meets the Lord of the Rings in Narnia.” I would definitely NOT take a small child to see it–too many scary images.

I heard it was horrible.

It’s hard to make a screenplay out of what amounts to be an opium trip set to words.

I saw it and loved it! But I definitely agree its not for small children. I took my daughter, age 10, and she was fine with some of the more violent parts but any age younger than that I’d question.

Some people are probably not going to like it because they’re looking for an adaption true to the book. But I went to see it knowing it was a Tim Burton film and I’ve always loved his stuff and that’s what my opinion is based on more than the book.

I thought it was great. It’s not for little children, though.

I watched it and loved everything about it (even the fact that it’s not for children). I think movies like this can show that Disney isn’t only capable of kiddie cartoon musicals. :rolleyes::cool:

I agree, USUALLY. But in this case, the book was worthless and if they made the movie like the book, I’d skip it!

The movie looked good but the 3D effects were awful. and the storyline very weak

My family and I are going to see Tim Burton’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND today. Has anyone seen it and care to comment on it? Does it have objectionable stuff in it?

Hi Maria,

Here is an interesting review:

Warning, some spoilers.


I saw it last weekend with my 10 year old daughter. If you can, see it in 3D! You have to keep in mind that it is a Tim Burton movie, so its not going to stick to the story as much as some would like. But visually its very entertaining. I don’t know the ages of your family, but I wouldn’t recommend the film for anyone younger than 10 due to some scary parts.

I quite enjoyed it! I feel it started off a bit slow, but picked up speed wonderfully. The final battle is done amazingly well

Saw it last night. The family loved it. I didn’t have any objections at all. It was visually stunning, but the story line was a little weak in spots. We will buy it when it comes out on DVD.

Watched it last week. It was very awesome. I just love how Disney makes a more mature film. :thumbsup:

The story seems to have a very subtle anti-marriage theme. In the beginning, we see a grown-up Alice at a garden party where she is expected to accept the proposal of an upper class twit. Of course she doesn’t want to marry him. Her older sister is supposedly happily married, but then Alice comes upon her sister’s husband clandestinely kissing another woman. This incident, it seems to me, is totally gratuitous, and represents marriage in a bad light. Perhaps I am being overly sensitive about this, but this is the impression I received from the movie.

Hmmm…I suppose it can be taken that way. I took it more that it was against being forced into an unhappy, arranged marriage. There were also an example of a good marriage in the movie if you count the bloodhood.

Actually I think you’re reading waaaay too much into it. It’s quite clear that those were simply a jab to the customs of those times where marriage was less of an expression of love and union and more of just another way to get rich quick. As far as the unfaithful husband is concerned, it highlights the hypocrisy of such people.

The story was original and interesting enough. It didn’t seem the movie was anti-marriage, but I did pick up a new-agey theme (typical modern Disney in making appropriate unChristian themes). You have a “good” queen, who practices “white” magic and does not hurt any living animal (I wonder if there’s ants there) and accuses her sister of having dominion over living things. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as we don’t abuse nature, but that’s not what PETA and Wicca types think. She somehow doesn’t have a problem having someone else kill a living thing for her. The jabberwocky is a living creature in the show, after all.
The kiddies in the theater could have done without seeing two adults sucking face. I may be getting soft, but I guess they played it safe enough with scenes, where she outgrows or undergrows her clothes. There’s a movie in Redboxes called “Alice”: another Alice in Wonderland" version. I rented that and I’m interested in seeing that.

3-D is very cool, but I hope the enhanced imagery doesn’t replace storytelling.

I enjoyed this movie overall. I mostly went to see Johnny Depps role as the mad hatter. I didn’t like many of the characters names though, “Jabberwocky” being the first that comes to mind. I’m reminded of a dancing show on tv where there was a group called the “Jabberwockies”. Also the white queen never lowering her hands made her seem like a marionette.

they white Queen was doing a parody of Nigella Lawson

I don’t think I can watch it. Clowns give me nightmares. :eek:

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