Movies totally unsuitable for children thread

We need a list of movies that parents should make an effort to avoid having their children see them. I’ll start off with my top pick.

Background: I am a recovered alcoholic, 24 years sober in AA. So I know what I am talking about. This movie features an underage drinker. So underage as to not be in puberty yet. He gets drunk in the company of his guardian. So drunk that both guardian and kid start having hallucinations, ending in a blackout. They wake up not knowing where they are or how the got there.:confused:

Trust me, blackouts are a sign of alcoholism. Do you REALLY want your kids to see all this in a movie?:mad:

Yes, let us boycot Walt Disney’s DUMBO:rolleyes:

I’m not sure if you’re serious or not. I’ve thought about that scene myself as something not really appropriate, but you can find something wrong for children no matter where you look. Case in point: Santa Claus.

One children’s movie I was particularly disappointed in was Shrek II. There was a transexual character, and many references to cross-dressing, in addition to all the toilet humor. I hadn’t seen a children’s movie in years, and I was disturbed at the material I saw in Shrek II.

Let’s see:


Cinderella–Cat named Lucifer. Step-parents portrayed as evil. Ugly = bad, beautiful = good.

Lion King–murder.

Beauty and the Beast/Tarzan/Little Mermaid (to name a few)–Lust, murder, revenge.

Snow White–jealousy, attempted murder, “blatantly offensive stereotyping of minorities” (I can’t find the article, but this was said about the dwarfs.)

101 Dalmatians–Robbery/kidnapping, traumatic birth.

Oliver and Company–glorifies a life of crime, child neglected by parents, kidnapping, more minority stereotyping.

I’ll stop there… maybe I’ll just let my son watch a blank wall.

Oh, wait, he’s fourteen and relatively unscathed. I took the time to watch these movies WITH him, not just used the TV for a babysitter, and I explained what was good and right and what was bad and wrong.

And as for Dumbo… I think the drunkeness takes a back seat to the trauma of a child being taken from its mother. I still cry whenever I hear “Baby Mine”.

Seriously, is this thread for real?

Let’s not forget The Wizard of Oz, wherein admonishing the sinner is replaced by dropping houses on them, witchcraft is celebrated and sought out (and indeed essential to the heroine’s journey home), and the ‘wizard’ is clearly an attempt to paint religion as fraudulent.

And what about Winnie the Pooh, when he hallucinates about pink “Heffalumps”? Drugs, absolutely.

Let’s not forget about* Alice in Wonderland*, which is littered w/ drug references. :rolleyes:

All of the Sesame Street characters have drug problems of some kind.

And don’t forget about Bert and Ernie. “Roommates” indeed. :rolleyes:

Big Bird definitely glorifies schizophrenia, with his hallucinations of a talking wooly mammoth. And Cookie Monster with his munchies…if that’s not a poorly concealed marijuana habit, I don’t know what is.

Congrats on staying with AA. thinking more clearly I’m sure. We do need to shepherd our children. I agree with you but there is evil and good if you discuss the movie with the children maybe they will also learn to discern unless they don’t like any talking while a movie is playing like my child - husband. And then you can vote on shutting it off, hopefully they will vote with you or you can **veto **it. As you are the president and official judge as adults we should be, walk out of the room tell them exactly what you think.
I didn’t even like Shrek 1. I like The Princess Bride and Cars seemed to be good but then if I watch them over and over I would find something wrong.
When I was young no one spoke with me about how something in a movie was wrong so now I like to discuss them and with in 5 or 10 minutes or so of a movie I can tell if it is even going to be too violent or intense; took longer with Jurassic Park, way too intense, as far as IMHO.

What isn’t mentioned is the following

Any non-disney film you disagree with for children?

as it is, their positions on family, religion, morality, and crossdressing are clearly noted by the Catholic League, and by CAtholic Answersw, on whose forum we are speaking,

Other than that, strong family influence can create balance, as to the non-clearly-Disney films and programs mentioned, I never noticed that when I watched sesame street etc.

You might add that Little Mermaid (becomes human to get to heaven- Hans Christian Anderson), and Pocahontas (First American Indian convert to Christianity) were originally Christian stories before Disney made money off of them, that said, I do watch Disney, even though some say I’m too old, and was also shocked by hearing many things from them, so- if boycotting, boycott the company, especially with their human and animal rights history.

Bert is evil. He was one of Hitler’s generals and also assassinated JFK. He was also the Unibomber and did something horrible to Prairie Dawn. Bert is a proud member of the KKK.

Google “Bert is evil.” It’s not safe for the kids (if it creeped me out it’s definitely not good for kids).


I’m not really sure what this thread is all about, but since the OP brought up inappropriate uses of alcohol in a kids movie, I will just add that I do not let my daughter watch Barnyard, for the exact reason that in many scenes, the characters are “drinking.” Yes, it is milk, but the manner in which they consume it is indicative of rowdy, drunken nights out (evenings in a bar, stealing a car and going for a joy ride, vandalism)…

Anywho, it has been a while since I saw it (only watched it once then destroyed the DVD), so I might not remember it in its entirety, but it did seem to glorify the MTV sort of lifestyle. She’ll have enough of that in other areas of her life, I sure don’t need it in our “family entertainment.”

Not. This was intended as satire. There is another, more appropiate forum if I had been serious. I guess I didn’t make it obvious enough. Sorry about that:(

Interesting thread! This brings back memories of when I did my thesis in college…on ‘the negative effects of mother goose on children–violence in nursery rhymes.’ People thought I was nuts, but truly…violence dates back to our most ‘innocent’ childhood story books.:o

:smiley: i thought you were serious–:blush:

A childrens movie is rated G. Shrek is PG- which means PARENTAL GUIDANCE - so nothing wrong here. Its already telling parents they may wanna check it out first.

Oh, I didn’t have children at the time I saw it, I didn’t notice the rating. There were a lot of kids there though.

Cars - the Porsche has a tramp stamp. :wink:

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