MOVIES: Toy Story 3

Did anyone here see it this past weekend? What did you think?

I loved it! My husband thought it was the best of the three. And boy, did I cry.

Saw it. Thought it had many good lessons but perhaps fewer laughs than some of the others. While watching it I kept thinking of the Bible verse: “When I was a child I thought as a child…” and how it applied to the film.

You cried? I haven’t seen it yet but speaking of crying in a Toy Story movie I always did get near the very edge in Toy Story 2 when Jessie the cowgirl got left in the salvation army box with Sarah McLachlan singing the soundtrack, man Sarah has a voice from heaven

Love Sarah. Ever seen the movie “UP” by Disney? Yeah I cried at that one too.

I hope to see Toy Story 3 sometime next week, glad to see its worth it.

Loved, loved this movie. Went with my DS18 - the boy who would watch Toy Story 1 on VHS over and over and over when he was little. The same boy who is going away to college this fall just like Andy in the movie. To say that I cried is putting it mildly:).

DS loved the movie too and so have his friends; most have seen it (some more than once already) and I find it interesting that these “big” boys are probably more excited about the movie than the girls.

The only thing I won’t do when we go again is spend the extra money for 3D; wasn’t worth it. Otherwise, awesome movie.


IMHO, the best movie out of the three. Pixar is an amazing film studio.

I may not have grown up with TS but watching the movie reminded me of my own childhood. Did I cry, yep. Wow, what a movie. Definitely one of the best that Pixar has come out with. I don’t think they can make any bad movies. Even their less than stellar ones are better than most movies out there. I definitely plan on seeing it again.

Saw it this weekend. Thought it was the worst of the 3. None of us liked it. (me, my wife and teenage daughter)

… Too dark for young children.
… Too much repetition concerning ‘do it for Andy’.
… Too many evil toys. [toys should be something children like]
… Bad depiction of life of a toy in daycare [children should enjoy daycare, not fee guilt in playing with the toys]
… Don’t recommend it.

Had to go because Toy Story and Toy Story 2 were soooo good !!.

At least I’ll never have to see it again.

It was portrayed as horrible only in the Caterpillar room. The toys in the room for the slightly older kids - like the adorable Bonnie! - had a wonderful time. No kid will be made to feel guilty for playing with toys by Toy Story 3, because by the time they’re old enough even to follow the plot, they’ll be like the kids in the Butterfly room.

But the toys in the Butterfly room were the evil toys :frowning:

So… you’re worried that kids will think, “Oh no, this toy is evil because I’m playing nice with him”?

I don’t get it. Besides, every toy except Lotso turned out good anyway…

Anyway, I guess I disagree with those who lament the inclusion of slightly darker or more mature aspects to children’s movies. Precisely the problem with most children’s movies today is that they’re just silly and lighthearted with no deeper significance.

I actually really appreciate it when they make children’s movies like they used to. For instance, do you remember The Land Before Time? That was a superb, wonderful cartoon movie, and you can tell it was designed for children. I myself loved it when I was a little kid.

Yet the art and the imagery were somewhat dark and apocalyptic, and the scene in the beginning when Littlefoot’s mother dies is one of the saddest I can remember. That movie is way “darker” than Toy Story 3, but it didn’t scar me as a child - on the contrary, it inspired my imagination and delivered to my childlike spirit a sense of wonder and hope that would have been incomplete without the sadness that underlay it.

I just know nobody in my group like the movie. Of course we are all adults or nearly so. Too dark for me to enjoy. If I want a dark movie, I would go see Les Miz (my favorite dark book).

Of course being bored also did not help.

Okeydokey. By the way, if you’re curious, here’s the scene from the 1988 children’s movie The Land Before Time that I was talking about:

Glad to hear I’m not the only one! If they hadn’t had the last little funny bit, it would have been difficult to leave the theater!

We are definite Toy Story fans (husband and 2 daughters 10 and 12) We all loved this last one!

An additional post – about it being too dark. Granted that my daughters are older, but I agree with the poster who thinks most movies for kids are too light and fluffy. Think about all the classic Disney movies and the fairy tales they are based on. They are meant to teach life lessons … and moral values. How much does it teach children when nothing bad ever happens or if there is never a bad person in a movie. (Not to mention, how boring they would be.)

Lotso let his circumstances change him for the worse. The rest of the toys finally realized they were wrong and acted together to correct it. Doesn’t that teach a good lesson?

I was thinking the same thing, but Disney tends to fluff things up (Little Mermaid, for example). Read the fairytales as they were written and then you see how Disney has lightened them.

I’m embarrased to say, I still have issues trying to hold back tears durring the whole opening sequence of UP :o

But I love how that film ties it all together in the ending nicely… I’ve only ever seen Toy Story 1, but Toy Story 2 is in my mailbox on bluray… So once the wife and I watch that, we’re going to go out and see Toy Story 3… Which actually came out in theaters on our Wedding Day! :slight_smile:

I hope it’s okay for me to post here, not being a Catholic and all, but I wanted to add my voice to the mix of those celebrating this amazing movie.

Pixar has been on a roll in the last few years, producing films ostensibly for children that can be thoroughly enjoyed by adults on a number of levels. The surprising amount of emotional depth in movies like Toy Story 3 and UP – depth that most children will not fully be able to comprehend – makes them rewatchable and very interesting to think about.

I saw this movie twice in theaters, both times with groups of friends all in their mid-twenties. We loved it.

I’m 16 and that scene still gives me chills…

I cried at the end, 2 different times.


Time #1: When they were all going down with the garbage to the fire, and they were all holding hand with each other. They were in this together and it showed in the end through and through. Especially when the aliens came to save them! After I saw the claw pick them up, I knew EXACTLY what would happen lol (not hard to guess, though)

Time #2: When Andy was giving his toys to Bonnie, and when they played with them together. Too precious.

It was a brilliant movie, as were Up and WALL*E. Disney and Pixar just blow my mind every time.

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