What’s the Latin phrase Matty refers to when she’s talking about something being wrong because it’s immoral versus being wrong because it’s against the law?

(I cried at the ending - it’ll win Best Picture Oscar for the closing sequence alone - I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it, but bring kleenex.)

Malum in se

as opposed to malum prohibitum.

They mean, respectively, “wrong on its own terms”, versus “wrong by our laws and customs”.

What was with the animal noise guy at the end of the movie?

He’s in the novel. He’s mentally challenged.

I really liked this movie - but not the ending. I also thought it was unbelievable that the pretty 14 year old would look like that woman as an adult. I kept thinking oh look, it's Nanny McPhee.

I also thought Jeff Bridges was difficult to understand sometimes. But I did enjoy the movie.. I think the 14 year old actress nailed it.

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