MOVIES: Twilight

Has anyone seen it? I saw it with my teenagers and I give it a :thumbsup: I thought although it was cheesy in parts… it was still good, and true enough to the book.

Your thoughts?

I have no intention of seeing the movie: I tried to read the books, but I couldn’t get past the first three chapters, since the main character was such a whiny little baby. Ugh.

I will be so happy once the Twilight blitz is over. It’s everywhere. The news has had feature stories, all the newspapers and news websites I read have had big reviews and ads for it, it’s all over the mall, etc. ENOUGH!

Oh yeah- after all that, I have no desire to see it. I’m glad it was well-done though, it always pains me to see a bad movie adaptation.

Yes I’ve seen it :slight_smile: It’s a good movie :thumbsup: Stays mostly true to the books, and I’m a fan of those as well!

FYI: Twilight Buzz will not end, it will just evolve. They have the go ahead to start “New Moon” the 2nd book in the saga. I think filming starts in January.

Yea AmberDale, I was hoping at least 1 poster shared my enthusiasm for the books/movie?!!! :slight_smile: OK, so what did you think of the casting? I’ve read such bad reviews for the actor who played Edward and, after seeing the movie, I thought they were a bit harsh. I think Edward played it pretty true to the book - reserved, yet charming at times. I thought the “Bella” was really great - although I expected her to be more clumsy since that seemed to be all over the book. I didn’t expect Dr. Cullen to be blonde - totally pictured him differently. Oh, and the lipstick in the begining of the movie on Edward drove me NUTS! WAAAAAAAY too girly looking IMO.

Your thoughts?

I am a grandmother who bought the books for my granddaughter because she likes vampire movies. I read them first to make sure they were ok for her to read. She is 12. I thought they were wonderful, Could not put them down. I took her to see the movie the other day and we both loved it. I was surprised by the casting of Dr. Cullen, expected him to be older, as well as his wife. Bella was great, just like I pictured her. Edward grew on me. I didn’t like his casting at first, but as the picture unwound, I thought he was perfectly cast. This was a very moving love story once they arrived at that part of their relationship. I can’t wait to see the next one!!!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I liked the movie. It’s hard to see some of the book to movie adaptations, but this one was ok. I’m glad Summit got a hold of this one when MTV lost the options!!!

I was able to see this one on my own and I’ll go again to see what everyone else’s reaction is. The location shoot was funny (portland, or) because Edward’s volvo had Oregon plates should have been Washington) and you can see the Columbia River Gorge when they are in the trees.

Dr. Cullen is described in the book as being about to pass for 28-35. The younger he starts out, the longer they can stay, just like with the kids. Once he starts reaching “35” he all of a sudden has a new job offer :wink:
I think Peter Facinelli did a GREAT job playing the Dr. :thumbsup:

Robert Pattinson (Edward) and Kristen Stewart (Bella) did the parts justice, and I’m happy to say that I never had harsh words for them :smiley:

I think the other Cullens were portrayed as they should have been. Just wish they would have been around a bit more. With New Moon coming, I’m sure I’ll get my wish.

Opps! That’s funny.

My paper only gave it two stars. I can’t believe that. I would’ve given it a solid three out of four.

Yeah, some critics aren’t being to kind to the movie. But the fans showed them they want another, I mean 70.5 million dollars on opening weekend is pretty good :thumbsup: For an independent production company and a no name director (Love you catherine!!!) :thumbsup::thumbsup: Their budget wasn’t very much, but I think they proved you can make a decent movie on little budget (it was like 35 million or something, pretty low nowadays).

On a 4 star scale I’d give it a 3 or 3.5 depending on my mood :wink:

I’m seeing it tomorrow (maybe). I read the first book and liked it, not a great piece of literature, but entertaining enough. I just hope they changed the charactor of Bella a bit. She was way too swooney in the book.

Bolded is what I tell people. It’s NOT something like Chronicles of Narnia or Lord of the Rings, I read it because it entertained me. :smiley: I love the great literature, but it takes awhile to read it. But this series (along with Harry Potter) doesn’t take me long at all, could be I can’t put them down :wink:

Bella is a bit different, but I really didn’t see how people thought she was “whiney”.

Q: When is a vampire not a vampire?

A: When it goes out in daylight, sees itself in a mirror, doesn’t drink human blood, and still manages to suck.


The only vampire movie I ever liked was Dracula, with Bela Lugosi. That’s it for me. Which, you can guess, causes me to dislike the very premise of this series.

And I’m not myself big on books dealing with such subjects, but, I find the Dracula presented in Bram Stoker to be much “better”. When exactly did the damned denizens of hell become romantic figures? In Paradise Lost, I could see it. But, ah…Does the antelope ever wax philisophical for the lion? Do the sheep ever compose poetry for the wolves?

Why then do we, not only romanticize, but romance the dragon? Indeed, that is a crime which our society as a whole commits. The glamour of evil.

I like the bloodiness of evil, the horror of evil, the viciousness of evil. I want my evil (ahem The evil presented to me as entertainment. How perverse is that?) to be evil!

I want my stomache to be turned, I want to avert my eyes, I want to abhor the terrible blasphemies presented! Let evil be shown for what it is!

And then, let Goodness be shown for what it is.

In a Mallard Fillmore, recently, said

Mallard, reading from a book of fairy tales to a chid,

“A long time ago, in a faraway land…Presenting ogres, trolls and witches as “good guys” was a novel idea, no a trite, overused gimmik.”

“Woah” says the little child, bewilderd by the notion.

I like the books though I have not read them. My 15yo daughter has dyslexia and does very poorly at reading. These books get her to keep working at it and so I will keep buying them.

I loled. So hard. And I like Twilight (it’s not very good, but it’s entertaining).

My 12 year old granddaughter read it too and I know will want to see the movie. I was a little hesitant about the book and was afraid it would be too mature for her but one of her Mom’s friends said it was okay. Then I heard that the movie was “seductive”. Is that just an advertising hype? Did you think it was appropriate for a 12 year old? Thanks.

The “kissing” seen went a bit overboard, imo. I mean, it the books it wasn’t described like that. sigh In the books she wears sweatpants and a t-shirt. In the movie it’s shorts and a t-shirt. Other than the kissing scene, I don’t think it’s seductive at all.

It’s an intense kiss… it lasts several seconds and then he pulls away from her. He says something like he’s glad he has the power to control himself. She says she wishes she could say the same. It was just a long kiss… no touching at all.

That’s pretty much it. I found it totally OK for my almost 13 year old but I said no way to her sister who is two years younger.

I will say though that the previews shown prior to the movie were over the top. Scary stuff… I don’t recall what but she covered her eyes through most of them.

I think it’s ok for a 12 year old. It’s a really good movie. I thought it was better than the book. So glad the main charactor was not so whimpy and swooney here.
I agree with the previews. What was up with msot of them? Harry Potter i can understand being attached, it makes perfect sense. But most of the other were just out there.

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