[MOVIES] Tyler Perry?

Are there any white men who have gone to a Terry Perry movie in theaters, or am I the only one? I appreciate that his movie have a “Christian message,” and that he doesn’t screen his movies for the critics (though I see the U.S. Catholic Bishops Conference gave his latest, “I Can Do Bad All By Myself,” an 'A-II" for Adults & Adolescents.)

The last two Tyler Perry movies I saw both had key scenes where the male character literally slaps his wife around. I’m really not accustomed to seeing such blatant misogyny in a movie that’s rated PG or PG-13, particularly when it’s supposed to be a “Christian” movie. Is that the case with his latest, or has he cleaned up his act?

I am a Tyler Perry fan…the men in his movies …are characters…so they are part of a story…there is always a positive message in his movies, although I don’t know if they are ‘christian’ but there is always a message in them.

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