MOVIES: Up in the Air *SPOILERS*

Anyone see this over the weekend? What did you think of it?

I thought it was great, however it plays on corporate life so if you have little corporate experience it may seem different.

Not to give anything away… but were you suprised by the twist at the end w/ his “girlfriend?” I soooo didn’t see that coming. It made me a little sad… like what the heck? Just when it seemed like the guy was going to get it together and commit. :frowning: I liked the movie… although I don’t understand the buzz around George’s performance… mostly it just seemed like George playing himself.

It was hard watching all those people get fired. What an AWFUL job!

I was fired exactly that way in Chicago years ago (1993). Yes, I said if she does not dump him it riuns the movie because the plan was me, only me, no ties. She stayed true as did he eventually.

Do you think at the very end when he was justing standing there in front of the departure sign that he was happy to be traveling again? My husband thought no… at that point he didn’t like it anymore… as soon as he reached his mileage goal he was “done” - now what’s the point?? And maybe when he reached his “goal” he realized just how stupid it all was which was why he downplayed it so much rather than being excited? Did you get that? Or do you think he was happy and his life goes on as it had been… ?

I can’t decide…

Did he change at all… ? I guess that’s my question.

I think the latter; he was hurt by the whole incident (both girls). His hurt robbed him of enjoying his goal. However since his goal probably took 25 years to reach, and he preached no commitments for 25 years I think he returned to his life. I think the key was his conversation with his boss about a potential lawsuit the one which affected one of the girls pretty hard, Clooney did not remember it the incident or the follow up conversation. Had he changed it would have affected him, and yes I think that is how he did a superb job of acting by making us believe he could hear those comments, watch people cry, and walk in and out completely unphased. I think Clooney felt like he was somebody, the VIP cards meant everything to him. As long as he had VIP cards, priority check in, and a corporate travel budget he was happy.

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