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Just saw the Disney-Pixar 3D movie “UP” and give it two thumbs up, definitely. A very positive family film. Kids in the theatre enjoyed the 3D aspects and the story was just great.

Rotten Tomatoes gives it 98%

I wonder if it’ll get any nominations down the line.

We just saw it this evening as well. It was very good, I enjoyed it. I did cry though, it had some sad parts. Good mixture of sad, and funny.

BUT: My four year old didn’t like it. She’s already scared of dogs, and well…Some of those dogs were MEAN! :shrug: My 6 year old loved it.

Has there ever been a pixar movie that didn’t win any awards? (In all seriousness, I cannot think of one.)
I’ll have to go check this one out sometime soon though!

Thanks for the suggestion! The boys and I are doing family movie nights, and I’ll have to try this one out. :slight_smile:

My 17 year old actually went to see this on his last day of school after exams with a whole group of Juniors. They loved it. He said it was awesome and if I didn’t take his little sibs to see it, he would.

DH and I went to go see it in 3D yesterday and it was a GREAT movie! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

There are some sad parts, though, so if you’ve lost a spouse or a baby, be warned…(I’ve had two miscarriages in the last two years, so I was pretty teary-eyed at some parts)…:frowning:

Saw it, loved it, took the kids.

It depends on the kid though. My five year old has a tender heart and WAS a bit traumatized (SPOILER ALERT - highlight text to read spoiler) when the selfish hunter/collector plummeted to his death near the end. I shouldn’t have let her see the movie as she’s a bit young to deal with killing another human being. Perhaps they intended to give us an out with the 12 or so balloons he was holding at the time (never mind the rate he was falling at…).

Upon reflection, its not really a great message to send kids: Saving a rare or endangered bird is something worth fighting to the death over? We have enough confusion in this culture when it comes to the relative worth and value of animals versus people.

Be conscious of that subtle undertone and refuse it. Then you’ll enjoy and love the movie.

I think Cars lost out to happy feet in the oscars, but Cars won the golden globe. :smiley: Both movies were awesome, and I loved UP!

My wife and I saw it in 3D on Saturday. The theatre was filled with children, and you could have heard a pin drop they were all so quiet.

Technically it is the best that Pixar has done. The detail and texture are breathtaking! AND an excellent story line.

There was one incident that some of the younger children were upset with but then it IS rated “PG,” so the warning is there.

Great date movie :wink:

My sister saw it recently and loved it (but she is an animator by profession, so she watches animated movies/shows all the time). She said, she did cry, though.

You could also say he became so obbsessed with finding the bird he didn’t care if she had to get back to her babies. So fighting to get a mom back to her kids, yeah that worth fighting to the death.

Even when the mom is a BIRD and the fight to the death is with a human!?!

We live in a culture that is radically trying to make humans of no greater significance than dolphins or pandas. It’s a minor quibble in the movie, but if it is not rejected, it will plant seeds in the audience’s minds.

Just got home from watching this movie with all 5 of my kiddos. While I liked the movie alot - and thought it was colorful and beautiful in parts… I also thought it was unbelievably sad. I cried in SEVERAL parts and walked out feeling completly emotionally drained.

Maybe it’s just me… because my parents are getting older… not sure. :blush:


I have heard lots about this film as well, all good. However, you should be aware that as dedicated catholics – and this is an assumption on my part – the Disney Co., which produced it is not the Disney Co., we grew up with. They are supporters with funding of Planned Parenthood, who stands against everything our church believes in, especially as it pertains to life.

Until they stop this ridiculous effort, they really should not be supported in any way. Including patronizing their venues. I hope you support this effort with your heart and soul. If you want addresses to which to write a letter, I can be reached at my user name "" without quotations.

God will bless this effort.

I thought UP was spectacular; great animation, writing comedy, and voice acting. But the best part was the movie’s sense of the sadness of life; it was spot on. It was legitimately sad; it didn’t sugar coat anything (such as Ellie’s inability to have children); but it wasn’t at all emo or hopeless either.

I was truly disappointed with the movie “UP”. I knew from the start they would botch the life issues, when in the opening segment they followed those storks up to the wizard-like God-clouds who extended their arms to conjure up babies (among them baby humans, “just another animal” we’re brainwashed to believe.)
I was also disappointed with the obvious gender-role reversals. The girl had all the masculine qualities, and the boy was pretty much genderless. Same with the giant genderless bird, Kevin, who was actually a mother. Marriage turned out to be all about exploration-type adventure on the one hand, with sappiness and affection on the other. I hate sappiness, don’t teach kids sappiness…

The movie was extremely loud-banging-clanging and action-packed, and I would never take a gentle little child to see it.
When I was reminded on the earlier posts that disney sponsors planned parenthood (nice term for abortionists eh) it all made sense.
I’d give it zero stars, except that the old man gave in to help the little child, so I’ll give it one star for that . It was the only example of a positive male role model (most were extremely negative), and there were no female role models either.

…me again.
Just wanted to say, the only reason I went to see the film was to admire the dynamics between the old man and the little child.
I was hoping for something more along the lines of Oscar Wilde’s “The Selfish Giant”.
Here is a link to that short story.
But in the early seventies there was a very well-done animated short cartoon under 30 minutes of this. Low budget, but very beautiful and way superior story to “UP”. I’m not sure what other versions may have been done.

The other Oscar Wilde short story made cartoon which was shown back-to-back with the selfish giant around Christmas time in the seventies, was “The Happy Prince”. Again a worthwhile read for your child.
The short animation from the seventies is also worthwhile for your child to see.

For those who are not aware, Oscar Wilde lead a somewhat turbulent lifestyle, converting to Catholicism on his deathbead where he was given sacraments of baptism and final unction; when you read the above two stories you won’t be surprised at his final decisions.

A friend of mine who is christian and a mother of 3 boys took her children to the movie and told me a bit about it here and there.
She expressed to me that the real hero in the story was a woman you only see for a few moments.
The lady who continued to care for the boy scout, that was not even her child and was apparently left by the bum who also left and emotionally wounded this boy scout.
She also summed up the movie by saying the moral lesson was about keeping promises that others may think are insane to keep.
I hope to see the movie as soon as I can.
Sounds very interesting, but possibly too much emotional information for a child to absorb and understand from what she told me. It sounds like a movie to reach out to adults to accept changes in life and allow to leave room in your heart to love when you loose love.

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