MOVIES: War Horse

Does anyone plan to see it?

This is the first trailer that has made me cry. I’m not sure I can handle the movie.

I doubt that I will see it, but for those unfamiliar with the movie it was directed by Stephen Spielberg and has a score by John Williams. It is based upon a 1982 children’s novel which was later adapted tor the stage. Spielberg liked the play so much he decided to do the movie.

It is set in WWI and centers around the story of one horse. The horse is beloved by a young boy but is sold to the British cavalry and shipped overseas to battle.

The film is set for a Christmas Day release.

Wait, this wouldn’t happen to be a live-action remake of Spirit would it? I’ll be seeing it sometime either way - I’ve never found a trailer epic enough to make me cry though.

My husband and I saw War Horse as a preview in our city. It is a wonderful movie , so touching and compelling, and really a nice story. I would highly recommend it.:slight_smile:

Did anyone in the theater cry?

I hate tear jerkers. I don’t like my emotions to be manipulated with stores of animals dragged in to a conflict. I wish Spielberg would have done a different film because he is a phenomenal director.

I think this film will be a box office flop like Hugo. Except Hugo looked like a better story.

The emotions of the story may be why the film is to be released on Christmas and not during the run-up to the holiday.

BTW, here is the trailer (so people don’t need to search for it.)

I teared up when I saw the trailer. I will definitely be seeing it. As an equestrian, horse lover, and horse owner, I love these movies.

Nope. But I do plan on seeing Spielberg’s other Christmas movie, i.e,. “Rin Tin Tin.” Oh, that reminds me - why haven’t more people seen Martin Scorcese’s wonderful family film “Hugo”? There’s a tearjerker, if there ever was one.

Hugo’s not a flop. Did you see it? It’s still in the top 10 at the box office. Great word-of-mouth for those people (like myself) who have seen it and are recommending it to everyone. :thumbsup:

Warhorse, OTOH, will be a flop - why see this Spielberg movie when he’s also got Rin Tin Tin also opening?

Warhorse, OTOH, will be a flop - why see this Spielberg movie when he’s also got Rin Tin Tin also opening?

I suppose it’s a matter of personal preference and marketing. The Adventures of Tintin is coming out a few days before Christmas and will be rated PG, so it looks like they are shooting for a younger audience. Reading some of the overseas reviews, it looks like a good old fashion swashbuckling story.

War Horse is going to be a little darker and more dramatic. They have a PG-13 rating so Spielberg has some room to explore the darker themes of the original story and the play. It’s just a matter of deciding what you’re up for on the night - War Horse for a period drama told from an interesting perspective, The Adventures of Tintin for a tongue in cheek adventure.

It’s The Adventures of Tintin. NOT Rin Tin Tin.

Rin Tin Tin was a dog.

Tintin is a human, who has a dog named Snowy.

Yea, I know, it’s easy to get them confused since they’re so similar. :smiley: But now you know.

As for Hugo … it is not doing very well comparable to budget. At present it has a running domestic (U.S. & Canada) gross of less than $40 million, against a budget estimated to be between $100 - $150 million. Simply staying in the top 10 for a few weeks doesn’t make a film a success; you have to look at all the data

War Horse is a terrible title, movie and an antithesis to the message of Christ, Christmas, Peace and Love for this time of the year. It is is sugar coated poison candy designed to poison the mind of a child of the glory of killing other children while emotionally entrapping them with the imprinting of one message and another such as military recruitment. It should be boycotted. War must never be glorified under the cloak of a nice horse movie.

Why did he not make a movie about how both side on Christmas Day everyone on all sides during that war put their arms down and celebrated the day of the birth of our Lord and of Peace?

A movie was recently made about that topic, and got good reviews (if not wide release in US theaters.)

Its available on DVD and Netflix has it.

Did you see this movie? I thought it did anything but glorify war, showing instead how utterly pointless the enormous loss of life was and the horrors that both the men and the animals faced. And one of the most dramatic scenes is played out very much in the spirit of the Christmas day incident you mentioned above. This is an anti-war film if ever there was one. I also think this movie would be too intense and upsetting for kids, although it’s apparently based on a children’s book.

Catholic News Service disagrees.

Clearly, you are totally unfamiliar with the movie and play.

Everyone must understand the psychology of the media and all the subliminal affects of this very powerful medium. The Church when it was permitted to rate movies, magazines, books and comics knew of these things and would not have approved. Just the mere visual images of the death and destruction desensitizes us, makes killing more acceptable, kills the viewer within - this must be understood. It is shocking how much evil is is offered our children under entertainment such as the Harry Potter movies. Look these mind control programs are well funded. Look at all the popular video games not a one of any spiritual or academic value - all about killing and again kids killing kids.

I would suggest you read the book the movie is based on before making such sweeping statements. Michael Morpurgo who is the author has never glorified killing and indeed to borrow from a certain WW1 poet shows the ‘poetry of war is in the pity of it’.

For the sensitive viewer, I would not recommend War Horse. I am not the most sensitive in my family and I found it difficult to watch the suffering depicted in the movie. It is too graphic (intense?) for children. This is the same director who did Saving Private Ryan and Schindler’s List.

It is a good movie, though, and is fine for the viewer who is not the sensitive type.

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