Movies with impurity taken out

I want to show a few movies to my siblings, however almost every one has some sort of impure scene pop up somewhere in the movie. Though the movies as a whole aren’t bad, the unneeded impurity completely ruins them.

Is there a website or a seller that has the “pure” versions of films?

There’s a fella named Steven Greydanus who comes on Catholic Answers Live sometimes and reviews movies.

A caller asked him about this, and he said he doesn’t recommend these services in general. He said they are not fool-proof, and that when they do work well, they normally destroy the movie.

My two-cents - if the movie isn’t appropriate, skip it. If you siblings are old enough to handle the movie and you are authorized to show it to them (not sure how old they are), then supervise, explain any iffy scenes, and trust.

Anyway - Greydanus has a website and there may be a link there to the movie scrubbing services. His site is

Great resource for figuring out just how “impure” a movie is.

There is ClearPlay:

You set content preferences based on your family values. ClearPlay then cuts out the images and dialogue you don’t want in the movies and TV shows you own or rent.

You control what your family does – and doesn’t – see so everyone can enjoy worry-free family time.

Once you establish your ClearPlay settings, they’ll automatically be applied to anything put in the player from our list of over 4,500 movies and TV shows.

*** Disclaimer: ** I have never used this personally, so I can’t vouch for how well it works. Just wanted to share as it sounds like an interesting idea.

Devout homeschooling Catholic neighbors who are parent’s of 7 have recommended this to me on more than one occasion…FWIW!

Sounds interesting. I’ll have to check into it. (not for myself as I don’t watch movies much but have family members that do)
Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome! :slight_smile:

If your family does try it out, I hope you’ll post again to share how well it worked for them … I’m sure many of us would love to know! :yup:


FWIW - this is the service Greydanus was discussing on the radio - he said it’s OK, but personally didn’t like how it chopped the movies up. Of course, he’s a movie critic. So there’s that.

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