MOVIES: X-Files "I Want to Believe"

I always thought Gillian was happy to be done working with David and that they had problems working together during the show’s last few years. I’ve also heard that she refused to make a movie with him; guess that changed. Anyways, here is the trailer to the movie set to release on the 25th.

That’s not what I read during the filming of the original show. I think some tabloid writers decided since they weren’t lovers then they must hate each other. I’ve heard both of them say in interviews that the “hatred” was fiction.

I can’t WAIT for the movie though-I’ve really missed those characters.

Ooh, after watching those trailers, I really can’t wait! X-Files was my favorite show!

No Doggett, so no Cat in the audience. :frowning:

I say there’s still a chance for Doggett and Reyes. Chris Carter and co. have been extremely close-mouthed about this movie. I doubt the whole cast list has been released. Of course I could be wrong (which would be sad because I liked Agent Doggett).

Oh, I can’t wait to see it! :smiley:

Doggett and Reyes are not in this movie. I follow several Robert Patrick forums and groups online (fanatic!) and we are all quite disappointed about the absence of the Doggett character from the newest movie.

Oh, well. Maybe next time.


I know that Chris Carter’s said he’d make one that was more within the series story arc if this one does well. 12/22/2012 is coming up…

Check out Scully’s hair! Wow!

Can’t wait to see the film. Hope it’s not a disappointment!

After seeing the new trailer I can’t wait to see the new movie. I read that the movie is like the first three years of the series (their best years). My dw forgive me but I love the character of Dana Scully. Shame she is not real.
:frowning: Just kidding dw, love you :slight_smile:

They’re releasing a DVD on July 8th that contains selected episodes that are considered “the essential guide to the movie”. I notice that most of them are the so-called “Monster of the Week” type shows, like Bad Blood (one of my FAVORITES), Post Modern Prometheus and Beyond the Sea. I already have all 9 seasons on DVD so I won’t be rushing out to spend $$ on this, but it does give me an idea where they’re going with the movie. I’m guessing that it’s going to be a stand alone, not something tied into the myth-arc. Fine with me. Frankly, I think that they should have ended the show with the episode Existence, where Scully has had the baby, and the two of them are together. The last season was pretty much a jumped shark to me, even though I still watched it and it was still better than just about anything else on TV.

I am thrilled about the new movie. And also thrilled about NO Doggett. Did not like his character and was no fan. Sorry all you Doggett fans - but I am a loyal Mulder fan.

The show that had the coolest theme music evar!!!

Ah, a true X-files expert. May I ask a question?

I stopped watching the series when it “jumped the shark” (what does that mean???) so I really have no idea WHAT the last show was (I know, I’m ashamed).

When you watch in re-runs, they do not go in chronological order and one could go mad trying to figure out which was the finale. I actually thought the “Scully has a baby” episode was the last.

Which was the last episode?

Same here, I too am a loyal Mulder fan. For those you who want to brush up on the show, you catch it at 1:00 A.M. on the science fiction channel, Tuesday-Friday

And at 4 PM on Sci-Fi.

Also, on TNT at 2:00 AM! They usually run three episodes back to back!

The final ep aired in May of 2002 and was a two-hour doozy titled “The Truth”. Scully had the baby at the end of season 8. “The Truth” aired at the end of season 9 so you’ve probably missed a season. You didn’t miss much, though, IMO it would have been better if they’d stopped at the end of season 8.

As the Fonz would say, “Heyyyy!” :tsktsk:

I liked the John Doggett character very much. As Robert Patrick has stated in interviews, they didn’t try to replace Mulder, they just created another character who was looking for Mulder. The character was a skeptic, just as Scully was a skeptic for several seasons.

Some of the episodes in Season 8 were amazingly good. “Roadrunners” was quite creepy. The outwardly-hospitable, hush-mouthed small town cult members were straight out of Jackson’s classic The Lottery. And the giant spinophilic parasitc god-worm was deliciously gross. The very best part, though, is when John Doggett gallantly carries Scully’s bag after she is released from the hospital–so cute.

“Invocation” is one of my very favorite stories of any television show of all time. That’s the one where the little boy shows up alive and the same age after many years. The story is nicely tied-in with Doggett’s personal kidnapping/murder tragedy. The music is especially moving.

“The Gift” is another one of my favorite stories on any TV show. It’s a wonderful picture of the Christian gospel, in which our sufferings are eaten by a man. The shooting of Doggett and his burial is quite graphic–a reminder what police and military face every day they go to work.

“Medusa” is a great action episode with a nice ensemble cast. While Scully stays above ground and does the brain work, Doggett goes underground into the subway system and does the brawn work. There’s a cute bit at the end of the show where Scully goes to Doggett’s hospital room to release him, and he is obviously self-conscious in front of her about his skimpy little hospital gown revealing his nekkid backside!

Some of the other episodes are OK, too. I know that it is ranked by X-Files fans as a real stinker, but I personally love the butt-munchkin episode “Badlaa.” The plot is as thin as Paris Hilton. They never do explain why the little man is crawling into people’s rear ends and making them bleed out–they hint at revenge over a chemical spill, but none of the people he kills are connected with the spill-??! And why does he go after children?!! BUT there are so many “gotchas” in this episode that make the viewer jump out of their skin–“Detrol moments” where the little man suddenly appears in a closet or a pool or a window and scares you! And that squeaky little cart made my teeth hurt!–I still get creeped out when I hear a squeaky grocery cart!

And…yes, I admit it…I like “Patience,” the episode where Scully and Doggett investigate the giant bat killer. It is incredibly stupid in places and the plot is even worse than “Badlaa,” but I absolutely love it when the giant bat attacks Doggett and tosses him into a scummy swamp. He looks dead for sure, and we despair for poor Scully left all alone with the old geezer. But then, when all looks lost and she is cornered by the giant bat, a soaking wet, cold, injured, groggy Doggett appears at the door and helps her shoot the giant bat out of the sky. Then he collapses in her arms–sigh! If there’s one thing we women love, it’s when men give their last ounce of strength to come and rescue us, and then collapse in our arms!

I also like the giant bat in this episode–it reminds me of “Bat Boy” in the Weekly World News. (There’s a musical about him, too.) He’s so cute.

Anyway, there’s a lot in Season 8 worth watching. If nothing else, many of you will enjoy the opening episode of the season, “Within”, when Scully throws a cup of water in Doggett’s face!

Hey, I’m not disputing season 8. I really liked season 8, and thought that the way that they developed Doggett’s character to play the skeptic to Scully’s believer, reminiscent of the original Scully/Mulder dynamic, was great. Robert Patrick was terrific in the role.

Season 9, OTOH…they should have ended it at the end of season 8, IMO. That final scene with Scully, Mulder, and William would have been perfect. True, the last few episodes tied up the series and still left the myth arc open for movies, but there was a lack of Scully and an attempt to replace her with Reyes that I didn’t appreciate. Nothing personal against Annabeth Gish or her character, but maybe the season would have been better if they’d kept Scully/Doggett as the main duo.

Someone asked earlier asked about Jumping the Shark. It’s a term that came with the end of the series “Happy Days”. It had been a great show, but many believed that it hung on past it’s prime. The great example of that was an episode where Fonzie jumped over a shark while waterskiing.

Jumping the shark is a colloquialism used by U.S. TV critics and fans to denote the point in a TV or movie series at which the characters or plot veer into a ridiculous, out-of-the-ordinary storyline. Shows that have “jumped the shark” are typically deemed to have passed their peak, since they have undergone too many changes to retain their original appeal, and after this point critical fans often sense a noticeable decline in the show’s quality.

I can’t really say that Season 8 of X Files lacked quality. The writing was still sharp, and as shown above, many of the episodes were really well done. As a Mulder fan, I’m admittedly biased, but I felt that his character was the rudder for the show and without him there was something essential missing.

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