MOVIES: Yes Man? (*contains spoilers*)

My daughter, who is 12, is dying to see this movie, and has rounded up 3 of her friends who want to see it too. In a moment of stupor I agreed to take them to a movie.
Has anyone seen this, and is it appropriate for 12 year olds?

SPOILERS (for those who haven’t seen the film, don’t read further)

Overall, the film is fine, with one exception. The story is of a man who always says no to everything and is quite miserable as a result. His few friends are getting tired of him, too. But then one day he goes to this |“YES Seminar” and ends up making a covenant to say yes to doing everything and anything. With this new philosophy, all sorts of new things happen to him.

The only objection to the film is an implied sexual act done on him (never shown) by a rather overly enthusiastic elderly woman who lives next door. If you’d find this offensive, then keep this in mind. Otherwise the movie is fine. Jim Carrey is really good in this film and the message of trying new things and enjoying life is quite upbeat and positive.

It also has a scene with him at a Nebr Cornhusker Football game, so can’t be all bad. lol

Thanks for the comments.
We did end up going, and everyone enjoyed it.
Could have done without that gross scene but it was short.
Careay seems to be improving, much less frenetic.

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