Movies you are afraid to watch again


There are movies that we remember, they were so funny or scary or in another way carved themselves a memory.

Now with the availability of just about any movie every made at the click of a button, you decide to watch one of those standouts. And then, wha wha wha, it just does not stand up. I know this reaction has caused me to avoid re-watching some movies.

For example, the first time I watched “Drop Dead Fred” I laughed until I had an actual accident. It was that funny. Saw it a few times after, laughed like a mad person.

Thing is, that was decades ago. I have since re-watched some episodes of “The Young Ones” and still smile at them, I’m afraid that DDF just won’t hold up. It will stay in my “Queue” forever.

Anyone else?


Not a movie, but I used to think “Josie and the Pussycats” was the bestest, most awesomest TV show ever! back when I was a little kid.
Now I could watch it on YouTube, but I don’t because I have this sinking feeling it prolly isn’t as good as I remember…


I was bothered by “ Easy Rider “ - as a kid.
I can’t even remember 95 % of it - now -
just one guy gets beat to death - and another is shot.
It all came back to me with Peter Fonda -
making those idiotic satanic remarks - about our President Trump.

There’s a few movies, as a little kid, that bothered me.
I remember one…one body, but it had two heads !


Leaving Las Vegas


World War Z gave me the creeps, then I watched it again and I found it less scary


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - I watched the Swedish version. It’s a really unsettling film that uses a lot of shock value, though I think it uses it well. Personally, I doubt it could live up to how good I remember it being since a lot of the shock will be gone.


O for Pete’s sake, do not make every thread political!!!


Wolf Creek was creepy and unsettling enough I wouldn’t watch it again.


The Blair Witch Project…
I turned it on late one night not knowing what it was years ago…and all the way through even into the credits thought it was a real documentary…


I think that’s one of the scariest movies ever made. It freaks me out.


I had to watch the end too,as it was past bed time and I don’t like leaving off not knowing what happens …I would have had scary dreams :slight_smile:


The very last scene is the scariest part of the whole movie I think.


I must have watched it close to the time it came out ,kids running around filming themselves was kind of new so it felt authentic.
I wonder if it would feel less scary now to watch?


I made a promise to God never to watch the demonic horror films Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist again. Immensely disturbing films, ones I never thought I’d watch, and ones I won’t revisit (though Exorcist did have some very interesting character insights in its quieter moments, and Jason Miller was absolutely brilliant in it)

Another would be Blue Velvet, for different reasons. Its not just the language, sex, nudity, or violence, all of it extreme, in that film, but even more so of how the movie really hit a raw nerve in me. Years ago, I’d found myself caught up into some pretty bad events I never expected to find myself in , a trait shared by the main character in the film. There was a scene in the film where the lead recalls a sordid thing he took part in, and breaks down crying in his utter revulsion at his actions, that just really hit home for me, and it felt for a few seconds like I was reflecting my own shame into the film. It was a very upsetting experience, and I don’t think I can go through it again.


Probably less scary. They did a good job it does seem so real.


Corn flakes disease. Snot-face. One of the greatest movies!


So funny you brought up Drop Dead Fred. That was my best friend’s favorite movie and we watched it over and over. It was hilarious then and mildly disturbing in a creepy way. That and Labyrinth…she loved it and I was terrified.

I wonder what it would be like to revisit it again as an adult…


‘In the Company of Men’. Many people probably haven’t ever heard of it. I’m not afraid to watch it again. It was just such a disturbing movie I’d never want to watch it again. I felt sick after watching it.

This was back when I was young and didn’t care what I watched. Now I don’t, or try not to, watch bad movies or shows. Bad isn’t just sex, and violence but cruelty.

That is also a disturbing movie. I really like Roy Orbison’s ‘In Dreams’, but it always makes me think of that movie.


When I first saw it I thought so too. I think that was the intention, for it to look real.


I was pregnant with my daughter, and was changing the channels when I came across this film about 20-30 minutes in. I started to watch, not sure what film it actually was.

Then I realized what it was, and thought “This isn’t so bad, this isn’t so bad, oh my :flushed::flushed::flushed:” Then I stopped watching.

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