Movies you can turn on 1/2 way thru

What movies can you turn on and watch even if the movie is half over and still enjoy it.

I can think of a few right off…

Austin Powers 1,2,3 and Waynes World 1 and 2.

Guess the key is they have to be kind of dumb? Maybe not…

Any others?

I’m not sure about this one, but…The Wizard of Oz? :smiley:

Yep, that counts, any movie you feel you can turn on and enjoy even if 1/2 over…for me, mostly comedies for some reason…:slight_smile:

I agree. :smiley: Comedies are a lot easier to follow than dramas, I think. I turned on the TV and PBS was right in the middle of a period drama. I would have loved to have understood what was going on, since it looked so good - but I just couldn’t grasp the plot. Some dramas are so much more complex than the average comedy.

Forrest Gump
Major Leauge
Thank you for Smoking
Spiderman films

Planes, Trains & Automobiles
Forest Gump

and that Christmas movie TNT shows around the clock.

Titanic, too.

Ill add Apollo 13 too…

Vacation, Christmas Vacation, Sixteen Candles. Titanic, except that if you tune in 1/2 way you still are committed to 90 minutes and might as well turn the channel.:slight_smile:

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