Movies You Find Spiritually Inspirational

I'm a big movie fan and am always looking for a good movie. I particularly like movies that leave me spiritually inspired and figured this was a good place to go and get some movie suggestions. Anyone have any they'd like to share? They don't necessarily have to be religious, just something that leaves you feeling spiritually fulfilled and inspired. Thanks in advance.

Welcome to CAF, HopefulShepherd! :wave:

There was actually just a thread about this recently:

Take a look and you'll find many great suggestions :thumbsup:

Wooops, sorry about that. Can someone delete this thread please?

No need to apologize! :slight_smile: After all, this thread can direct people to the other thread, including folks who might not have otherwise seen it. That way we can get even MORE great recommendations (I’m already looking forward to watching some of the suggestions made on the other thread).

Don’t worry about it :slight_smile: We’re glad to have you aboard at CAF! :thumbsup:

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