Anyone have any favorite movies? I know at Easter and Christmas Jesus of Nazareth, The Passion of the Christ, etc can be seen on TV but are there any others you guys like or suggest watching?
I have The Gospel of John and though it states it is an accurate representation there are something depicted in it that are not found in scripture. One is Jesus’ baptism, it is not mentioned in scripture but it is mentioned in the movie.

Jesus’ baptism certainly IS mentioned in Scripture…Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, then the dove came, the voice of God spoke… "This is my beloved Son with whom I am well pleased."John 1:29-33

OK thank you for pointing that out. I took a World Religions class and the professor was comparing the synoptic Gospels with those of the Gospel of John and he said the Gospel of John does not mention his baptism whereas the synoptic gospels do. And he is a New Testament scholar…

I like the Francis and Clare movie. It was a lot better than some other St. Francis movies that make him out to be a hippie. :rolleyes:

Here is EWTN (Eternal Work Television Network) medial page of films you can get.

Thank you

Though it’s not a Catholic film, one very good film is Ikiru, directed by Akira Kurosawa. It might not be for everyone: after all, it’s in black and white, it’s in Japanese, and it’s over 50 years old. The premise is simple: a man learns he has terminal cancer and must decide how to live out his last days. It is an artful film with a brilliantly subtle main actor. Confrontations with death often lead to truly deep thought, as in this film. Though the search for God is sadly not part of this man’s quest, reaching past individualism is. In the end, I would heartily recommend Ikiru, though I do know not everyone will enjoy it.

(If you’re just asking about recommendations for Catholic or Christian films, I’m sorry for misinterpreting your question, and then feel free to ignore my recommendation.)

Padre Pio movie was a good watch-

and Joseph Cupurteno

I liked the one about St. Peter that Ignatius Press put out. I can’t remember what the title was.

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