I LOVE movies. It is really hard to get a good review because most people don’t have the same Catholic standards I do for what I watch. I am starting this thread to help myself and others find good movies.

I just found this website the other day and have already rented Into Great Silence. I will tell you how the whole process works. I am not recommending it yet, but you can check it out.

If you’re looking for movie reviews from a Catholic perspective, try Decent Films. They have a pretty good rating system. They rate the artistic value and the moral value of the film separately, which helps give you a better idea of what the movie contains.

Thanks, but I do not agree with their age rating, so it is hard to trust them on movies I have not seen.
Such as Lord of the Rings. I think that it should be for any age with a mark saying that children who scare easily should not see it. There is Nothing that is bad. It does get scary a couple times if you are little, but otherwise…

The Bourne movies are rated Adult, but I think they should be rated teen+
There is nothing objectionable in the second two movies and it would probably be good for most teens to see. It is not 007 junk, yet it has all the trill of a 007 movie.

This is why I cannot trust their ratings. I mean it is nice that they are following the “better to be safe than sorry” rule, but they should have between ratings. Also I think that the parts that should gain a movie a higher rating are :
Sex or sexual humor or sexual references
References to premarital sex
References to drugs
too much kissing or kisses that last too long

Such as A Walk to Remember, that should be rated teen-chic-flic
Bourne Identity should be rated teen
Bourne U & S should be rated 10+
Lord of the Rings should be rated 8+ (some scary scenes of battle)

Well, I tried! :wink:

Perhaps it can at least serve as a starting point? Of course it’s hard to find a place that you agree with 100% of the time, but if you’re at least aware of where their standards differ from yours, it could still be useful.

Of course, the only sure way is to watch a given movie yourself and make a decision. That’s what I usually do.

Were you aware that the USCCB also does movie reviews? I find it helpful to look at a few places that look at the movie from a Christian persepctive to give me a good idea about a movie’s content.

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