Moving forward in discernment?


Hey all,

I just thought I might throw this question out there and maybe get some ideas. I’m working away from home until August 5. I am somewhat actively discerning a call to priesthood. My little problem is, I work 7:30 or 8 AM until around 5:30 in the afternoon, so there’s no opportunity for Daily Mass, Confession, or time in front of the Blessed Sacrament, or similar things. Plus, the nearest Catholic Church is almost 30 minutes away.

My question, then, does anyone have any ideas for the next couple months in the way of moving forward in discernment? I can’t really think of anything other than reading, since pretty much all of the above mentioned things are the really important ones. In that case, does anyone have any suggestions for books? I’ve already read To Save A Thousand Souls, and am in the midst of Priests for the Third Millenium.

Before anyone asks why I have this job, well, yeah, I knew it would be like this, but as it’s pretty hard for a college student to find a summer job, I accepted this opportunity pretty readily!!


well a retreat would be helpful, those you can usually plan in advance , you might have to travel out of town I am in Florida and in an early discernment as well and will be traveling to a monastery in Ga near Atlanta early July for a couple of days.

I wouldn’t worry too much about your current job getting in the way of personal prayer, not everyone can stop what they are doing to focus on prayer, i mean reality is there are bills to pay and mouths to feed. and so you do what you can when you can.

I am the opposite of you, I am unemployed for various reasons, in an out of college, but i have a parent to take care of now. So it is stressful an im trying to focus that stress into something else when i can so i dont look at it as a negative.

It is hard to devote ones self to constant prayer and reflection in a time of discernment when the outside world is hammering down on you.

I wouldn’t let it deter you though.

I have also signed up to be an Extra Ordinary Eucharistic Minister at Church, I start that in July, That could be something you could consider as well, since you are probably attending mass at least on Sundays.

Then there is the Rosary, it can take roughly 20 minutes to pray , but it is another way of moving forward, and you can pray it when time allows or right before you are ready to go to bed .

That then I would suggest considering how to make your place of employment better, nothing drastic or what have you but merely treating coworkers better through kindness, perhaps a kind word in some way that would brighten someones day that relates to that particular person.

plus you can pray all through out the day The Our Father, I have not timed how long it takes to say, but I dont think it even takes a minute if at most. And that can be done mentally , in your heart…

That and your Spiritual director or Vocationa director should be able to suggest more ways to become more active as well, it just becomes a matter of time management.

Take care and God Bless You.


To help you and others move forward I wholeheartedly recommend that one consecrates themself as a slave to the Immaculate Heart of Mary according to the Method of St Louis Marie de Montfort. With this you give all that you have to the Blessed Mother to make use of as she sees fit. It is a 33 day long period of prayers that help build up to that consecration day which should be on a feastday of Our Lady. Some of the prayers/readings are from St Louis, the Imitation, the Gospels, etc. It helped me change my life and grow.
As another recommendation, Tan puts out a small booklet, "The Catechism of Mental Prayer". It is very good for walking one through the process of serious meditation. Also in this area is "In Conversation with Christ" by Fr Peter Rohrbach, OCD. Both were put out in the 50's.
While up on the subject, a book that the Little Flower said was one that had much impact on her life and wanting to be a sister is "The End of this World amd the Mysteries of the Future Life" by Fr Charles Arminjon. It one of the must reads for todays Catholics.
As was already said, praying of the rosary daily is most necessary as a child of Mary.
I will pray that you are able to follow God's will.


Not sure what your internet connection is like but do a search for daily mass online. I know they aren't the same as being there but they are online for shut ins. I think catholic tv has them. And has been said pray the rosary.


If you havn’t already, you may want to read When God Asks for an Undivided Heart: Choosing Celibacy in Love and Freedom by Andrew Apostoli, CFR. I am discerning diaconate, and am single and celibate, so will remain so if I am ordained. The book is geared toward the prieshood but was very helpful for me.

As other’s have mentioned, placing yourself into the care of Our Lady, the partroness of priests, is never a bad idea. Consecration to Mary according to the method of St. Louis de Montfort was recommended to me by a Franciscan Priest.



Thank you for your post! You gave me a few little tidbits that I will definitely keep in mind, especially the part about making my employment place better. I am doing somewhat difficult farmwork, and most recently, in the heat, and that can make one a little tired and grouchy. It would be a good opportunity to improve my attitude and to always be cheerful. Also praying the Rosary is a great idea - I have done that now daily for the last week. The Rosary is always something that can be difficult to make yourself do, but is such a wonderful prayer!


Oh, and I shall definitely think about the Consecration to Mary. I have read that book before but did not do the Consecration. Perhaps now would be a good time to reread it and possibly do the Consecration!

Thanks for the replies! :thumbsup:


I suggest taking some of your time every evening to prayerfully read Scripture! The Gospels are a great place to start! Another way of doing this would be to pray in way similar to how you would pray at mass. Start with the sign of the cross and an act of contrition. Then look up the readings for daily mass and pray through them. Add some intercessory prayer, a spiritual communion and a humble request for the blessing of God! This would be a great way to grow in your love for the Lord!


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