Moving forward


Hello everyone! I just wanted to share that I have found a spiritual director. He is a great guy (Benedictine priest). He is very intelligent and has a keen sense of humor :stuck_out_tongue: Even though I have not met with him yet, I told him I would think and pray about it until I am “officially” ready to move forward. I am looking forward to this very much.

Quick prayer

Thank you Lord for putting me in this position in my life. Thank you for allowing us to praise and worship your Most Holy Name freely and by our own choice. I know I will face many challenges in this very secular world, but you will help me through it like you have helped so many of your followers throughout the years. Please give me and all young people the strength to be a voice in this world. Amen.


When I move forward. It really feeling such like moving forward like reverse. And when I look forward. Is also great feeling with my forward moving future.


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