? Moving in the middle of RCIA


A friend of mine is joining the Faith, but may have to move in the middle of the year. Her rite had been interrupted a couple of times before, and she has started over.

Has anyone had experience when moving in the middle of classes? I recommended she visit with the priest at her current parish when she finds out when/where she is moving, and then visiting with the priest at her new parish. Is it possible to join the Church without the entire session in one place? Is RCIA required of all converts? I know that some parishes/dioceses have two year programs, and I’d hate for her to have to wait 2 more years.

We are both excited about her joining the Church! I’m too far away right now, and too…unlearned and sinful to be her sponsor at this point, but I’m her unofficial sponsor (she lives 5 hours away).



The two parishes can work together to coordinate things.

I’ve done this both with people leaving and people coming in. I worked with the RCIA director at the other parish to talk about where the person was in the process, what rites they had completed, and anything else we needed to know. There were no problems with moving.


That is an excellent suggestion. As soon as she knows where she will be going, she should get in touch with the director of the new RCIA program, explain her situation and take it from there. :wink:


RCIA is not a requirement although many faith formation directors make it out to be. I would advise her to seek the priest’s attention and see if she can accelerate the process and enter before the move. Especially since she has gone through twice now.

How sad to have the RCIA program be the reason for not joining the church. It’s meant to educate not block entrance. If she can be educated on her own or with a priest or her sponsor then that should be adequate.


Actually, RCIA is intended to form rather than educate. Different purpose, different method, different outcome

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