Moving on a Sunday

Hi All

Would it be morally wrong to move to my new accomodation on a Sunday? The thing is, my parents will be travelling to the city I’m moving to anyway. They will be attending Mass and giving my sister a lift on that day.

Technically, I could move tomorrow but I would have to put all my stuff in a trunk and take the bus or train. I would therefore be able to carry less. Monday would not be ideal as I am starting work on Tuesday and need to be settled in (know the route to work ect).

I struggle with scrupulosity, but also want to watch out for “the little foxes that destroy the vines”. Any help would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Totally fine to move on Sunday. God’s not that bent up on this. The Sabbath rule was just to force people to take a break. And then have no excuse not to come to church. So as long as you’re not missing Mass to move you should be good.

I think you should avoid moving on Sunday if moving some other day is perfectly fine.
If moving some other day as you describe is quite a hassle, then it’s better to move on Sunday. If I were you I would go to church and simply ask a priest, I bet he’d tell you that moving on Sunday in your case is alright; “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for Sabbath.”

re: “Would it be morally wrong to move to my new accomodation on a Sunday?”

If by Sunday you mean the first day of the week, then there is no problem. The commandment says that the seventh day is the day of rest.

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