moving on

I need to move into a new apartment, find a job, and care for my son now without receiving help from my family or husband, who is attacking me in a fierce divorce. I have tons of work in another state but must remain here due to a court order. I am looking into charity work, perhaps, or waitressing.

Any prayers for my transition are welcomed.

Thank you,


Praying for you, I hope everything goes well.

Praying for you.

Prayed for you…good luck! Hope everything turns out ok

Lily, prayers for you and your son and the whole situation.
It’s all a great deal to cope with on several levels.
I hope you have friend or family support even though you are not in your own environment while facing so much upheaval and change. :coffee::coffee:

I pray for a solution that is in your favor. I pray that you are able to find gainful employment so that you can provide for your needs and your son’s needs, save for the future, and donate to the good works of the church. May God bless you and grant you the graces you need. I pray that you are surrounded by relatives, loved ones, friends, and colleagues who can be a constant source of support, comfort, and strength for you… AMEN


Still praying for you, and hoping you are well

Paying for you.

God bless

jesus g

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