Moving Parishes and Confirmation

I am a college student seeking confirmation, I received baptism and first communion as a child. This Lent has given me a chance to reflect on my faith and beliefs for myself (and not solely just based on what my family has told me). I have thought and prayed a lot about this since the beginning of the year and feel I am ready for confirmation.

I am very involved at my university parish and would like to be confirmed there but am not sure if I will have to wait until Easter 2010 to be confirmed with the next RCIA class. Also this summer I will be returning to my home parish but again am not sure about the rules of confirmation over the summer.

Is it possible to start confirmation and then move to another parish? Is RCIA the best option for those just seeking confirmation (ie I have somewhat self prepared for confirmation lots of reading, attending retreats, teaching catechism (1st grade), volunteer faith based alternative spring breaks, etc.)

Thanks for your help!

No, you would not have to wait until next Easter to be Confirmed. A University usually does not have the status of a Parish, you should speak with the pastor of the parish near your home. He would be responsible for overseeing your preparation and requesting the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation from the Bishop.

Hi, I’m in a very similar situation to you. I still have to make my confirmation and I contacted the Church on campus. I’ve been attending classes since September and will make my confirmation in April.
So, if your campus Church is like mine, you will have to wait until Easter 2010.

Check with your Catholic campus ministry. They should be well accustomed to dealing with students who were never confirmed as well as working around things like school breaks and finals.

By all means check with campus ministry or the parish staff at your University parish.

If you were baptized a Catholic, you would not have to wait until the Vigil as Confirmation for a baptized Catholic is separate from RCIA (and in that light it would be exceptionally unusual if you did end up being confirmed at the Vigil). If you were baptized in another Christian tradition you wouldn’t necessarily have to wait either, it depends on how that community handles RCIA.

Best wishes.

It really depends on the Diocese and the Parish. Ask at the parish you attend while in school and the one you go home to, also check at the Diocesan level.

We have the regular RCIA program and Confirmation program at our parish, but we also have a summer adult Confirmation program in this Diocese; I think it’s twice a week for four weeks and then Confirmation at the Cathedral.

Also, I have known of cases where a candidate prepared for Confirmation in one place and received in another.

There are plenty of options available to you, but you are not limited to waiting for the next RCIA cycle, since RCIA is not intended (nor appropriate) for people who have been practicing Catholics but simply were never confirmed for some reason. You might join in with the RCIA class, but you would not be literally a participant in RCIA (ie a catechumen or candidate).

Check with either the proper pastor of the place where you have your permanent residence (whatever you consider that to be) or the pastor of the place where you’re now living, if those are different.

Some of the options which might be available:
being confirmed at the Easter Vigil
being confirmed at the next Confirmation at either parish
confirmed at the cathedral if a ceremony is scheduled for some time soon
confirmed at a nearby parish if the bishop happens to have scheduled one
even being confirmed by your pastor individually if the bishop gives delegation

There are many possibilities. It’s going to depend upon what the bishop decides for your case, or what his established policies might be.

Since you specifically asked, yes it is possible to take confirmation preparation at one parish but be confirmed at another, but while it’s possible it might not always conform to parish/diocese policies so you’d have to discuss the details with both pastors.

In our diocese, adults who were baptized Catholic as children but never confirmed are NOT confirmed by parish priests at the Easter vigil; our bishop reserves Confirmation of these adult Catholics to himself. He does this every year on the feast of Pentecost.

Talk to your pastor, and be sure to let him know about the studies and preparation you have already done, so perhaps you can avoid a year-long program if it would be redundant.

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