Moving to Ft. Lewis in Washington... where to live?

We have orders to Ft. Lewis, if anyone is from the Tacoma, Olympia areas of Washington I’d really like some advice on where to live. We have friends in Spanaway, but am leaning more toward Olympia and I’ve heard the schools there are great.

I was wondering what the public school atmosphere is like at the elementary level. Our kids are in Catholic school here and we can’t afford it out there. I’ll home school if I need to but I like to keep my options open.

Thanks in advance.

The further away from the base, the better. Avoid Lakewood and probably Steilacoom. If you can do Olympia, that would be fine. DuPont is newer and growing, due to an Intel computer facility there. Lacy is OK, too. Spanaway has come to be known locally as “Spanmania”, due to a reputation for meth-heads there. It’s better now, but you are thinking correctly as far as moving toward Olympia.

Thanks, we’ve found more options in the Olympia area. Plus the waiting list on post is very long. Also, we’ve read that commuting times from Olympia is around 20min. Is that realistic?

It has been a long time since I lived in WA. I attended college in Lacey, which is by Olympia in Thurston County. The college is run by Benedictine monks.

Olympia area is a good choice

20 minutes sounds possible, but some WA traffic (mostly Seattle area) is now worse than LA’s. Olympia proper is about as Greenwich Village/Berkeley as you can get, but St. Michael’s Parish has a charismatic Priest that is very good. If you know anyone at Ft. Lewis, ask them ahead of time, since I’ve not made that exact commute before.

Christ’s peace.

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