Moving to Madison, WI


My husband and I (and our 2 cats) are relocating to Madison, WI next week. I’m a bad Catholic sheepish grin, but I still would like to find a parish to call home.

I checked to see what parishes were around the city, and there are quite a few. How on Earth do I figure out which one to go to? is helpful, to a degree, but does anyone here at CAF have any personal experience with the local churches?




Hi Jess,

Happy feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! I can’t speak to the Madison churches specifically. However, when I’m traveling I go to the web site of the diocese I’m traveling to and look for parishes nearby. To get a good sense of what the parish is like I look at their parish bulletins, which many post online now. It sounds picky but I’m typically looking for a pretty traditional parish.

Here’s the link to Madison’s web site:

Good luck!


Yay! Thanks! I’m such an airhead, I didn’t think to check out the diocese website. LoL I was going through each individual listing on MassTimes, then mapquesting each one from my new address. Talk about doing it the hard way!

I will definitely check that out right now. Thanks again :slight_smile:



Glad I could help! By the way, cut yourself some slack! There’s no such thing as a good Catholic or bad Catholic. In God’s eyes you’re His beloved daughter and the fact that you’re looking for a parish in your new home shows you care about Him and your faith. That’s always good! :thumbsup:

God bless and have a safe journey, especially your spiritual one!



Having spent some time in the Madison diocese recently, besides like others said of checking out he local parishes through bulletins, etc… also consider parishes in neighboring towns that are not too far away (e.g. Stoughton, DeForest, Sun Prairie…)


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