Moving To Nashville, TN


I am moving my family to Nashville due to a job relocation. Does anyone have any recommendations from orthodox parishes and schools (K).



Check out the Dominican campus’ in the city. The nuns are wonderful! They aren’t orthodox, though.


Hmmmm…wish I could help you out…I am an hour away from Nashville. I love Nashville! I hope everything runs smoothly for you. :thumbsup:


Hey there Rick!

I live in Nashville…find your way to Assumption Church. It’s about a mile north of downtown.



Which Dominican nuns do you speak of??? Are you talking about the St. Cecilia congregation??

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Yes I am - did you find them? Sorry it took me so long to reply! Pregnancy kept me away and then the baby took my “free” time.:slight_smile:


Our diocese (Knoxville) “loaned” an incredible priest to be the spirtual director and chaplin at St. Cecilia’s. He started the Legion of Mary curia here in East TN and turned all the youth groups, which amounted to teenagers having social hour to make dates and such, into prayer time devoted to the promotion of holiness and dicerning of vocations.
I would attend the masses he celebrates. He is very orthodox, has an amazing history, and is the example of charity. His name is Fr. John B.C. O’Neill. Careful- he is from Ireland and at first was hard to understand.


Hello! I live close to Jackson, TN but have a few friends in Nashville. One is the youth director at the Cathedral of the Incarnation at 2015 West End Avenue, which is fairly close to downtown. Its a beautiful cathedral. Here is their website if you want to check it out

Cathedral of the Incarnation

And here is a picture…

Hope this helps!



If I recall, a group of the St. Cecilia’s nuns moved to a different location (can’t remember the state) and are now called Marian Dominicans. Sr. Margaret Long was the Mother Superior at St. Cecilia’s at one time. I believe these Dominicans are more orthodox. But the Deominicans are great teachers.


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