Moving to Philly, parishes? moms groups?


My family is moving to Philly. We’ll be staying downtown for a month to get to know the city. Can you recommend a parish with 24 adoration and a great moms group? I have a 1.5 yo so far and looking for a church community with kids. God Bless,


Welcome, I am not sure who has 24 hours adoration, but my parish has it for about 12 hours and it has a mom group. I know it is new and not real sure how good it is. What part of Philly will you be living in. I live in the Far Northeast part and my parish is Our Lady of Calvary.

God Bless


We don’t know where in philly area we want to live. If we find a good parish, we’ll move close to it.


Well if you have any questions I would be glad to help you…

God Bless


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