MP3 Book Downloads

Does anyone know where I can buy books as mp3’s? I would love to get a book to listen to for my 6 hour drive this weekend. I looked for books by Scott Hahn but couldn’t find any…


Couple of good places are for great downloadable books, and a free audio website full of great catholic audio (Scott Hahn has some stalks listed there) is (sonitus sanctus). Give them both a shot.

Also, there used to be a downloadable website at, but I’m not sure it’s there anymore. Might want a look there to. Have a good drive over the weekend!

If you want to try some free books that are in the public domain: I’ve downloaded a couple of Hahn’s books from there. I am a monthly member.

Thanks for all your suggestions!

For free Catholic audio of all kinds; books, lectures, chant, sermons, check out Sonitu Sanctus.

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