MP3 Player for Catholic Podcasts

I’m thinking about buying a Creative Zen 4GB MP3 Player to listen to Catholic Podcasts. Is it a good MP3 Player?

Yep. I have one, got it used, and it works like a charm.

You should be happy with one. The Sandisk Sansas are pretty good as well.

I just bought a 2 gb Sandisk Sansa and a 8 gb microSD card for less than $90. I love it.



I have a Creative Zen player that I bought 5 years ago… it still works wonderfully :thumbsup:

Wow! It still works after 5 years! I’m definately going to buy one!

Thanks everyone for all of your feedback! :slight_smile:

Love love love it! I have had my zen for going on three years and it works great. Easy to load and light enough to exercise with without weighing you down. I haven’t loaded shows, but I have loaded books on tape, podcasts and such. I even loaded a Rosary recitation set to music. :slight_smile:

Zen is not consistent with Catholicism, or is it?

I have a Zen and I can’t live without it!! I download a weeks worth of Catholic answers live at a time and then listen to them at work the next day. I also have the complete RSV Bible on it, and a great cd of the Rosary, not to mention 100’s of songs and photos/videos. Best hundred dollars I’ve spent in a long time.:thumbsup:

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